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When it comes to job development, anyone that wants to be expert throughout IT entire world realizes the significance associated with certification. Holding a Cisco Cisco certification is really a dream with the IT aspirants. Cisco 200-125 certification analyze examines the proficiency associated with an individual to be able to troubleshoot the world wide web during works. Ucertify.com will provide you with the Cisco Cisco exam education course that is appropriate for your Cisco exam preparation. Our Cisco 200-125 practice questions and answers are conducted by our own IT professionals. Your 200-125 exam dumps are any quick tactic in implementation together with high productivity.

2021 Oct 200-125 pdf exam

Q171. - (Topic 4) 

Which statements describe the routing protocol OSPF? (Choose three.) 

A. It supports VLSM. 

B. It is used to route between autonomous systems. 

C. It confines network instability to one area of the network. 

D. It increases routing overhead on the network. 

E. It allows extensive control of routing updates. 

F. It is simpler to configure than RIP v2. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q172. - (Topic 2) 

VLAN 3 is not yet configured on your switch. What happens if you set the switchport access vlan 3 command in interface configuration mode? 

A. The command is rejected. 

B. The port turns amber. 

C. The command is accepted and the respective VLAN is added to vlan.dat. 

D. The command is accepted and you must configure the VLAN manually. 

Answer: C 

Q173. - (Topic 2) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

Each of these four switches has been configured with a hostname, as well as being configured to run RSTP. No other configuration changes have been made. Which three of these show the correct RSTP port roles for the indicated switches and interfaces? (Choose three.) 

A. SwitchA, Fa0/2, designated 

B. SwitchA, Fa0/1, root 

C. SwitchB, Gi0/2, root 

D. SwitchB, Gi0/1, designated 

E. SwitchC, Fa0/2, root 

F. SwitchD, Gi0/2, root 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q174. - (Topic 9) 

Which command can you enter to display the hits counter for NAT traffic? 

A. show ip nat statistics 

B. debug ip nat 

C. show ip debug nat 

D. clear ip nat statistics 

Answer: A 

Q175. - (Topic 7) 

Which protocol can cause overload on a CPU of a managed device? 

A. Netflow 




Answer: D 

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Q176. - (Topic 3) 

How is an EUI-64 format interface ID created from a 48-bit MAC address? 

A. by appending 0xFF to the MAC address 

B. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFFEE 

C. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFF and appending 0xFF to it 

D. by inserting 0xFFFE between the upper three bytes and the lower three bytes of the MAC address 

E. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xF and inserting 0xF after each of its first three bytes 

Answer: D 

Q177. - (Topic 2) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

The network administrator normally establishes a Telnet session with the switch from host 

A. However, host A is unavailable. The administrator's attempt to telnet to the switch from host B fails, but pings to the other two hosts are successful. What is the issue? 

A. Host B and the switch need to be in the same subnet. 

B. The switch interface connected to the router is down. 

C. Host B needs to be assigned an IP address in VLAN 1. 

D. The switch needs an appropriate default gateway assigned. 

E. The switch interfaces need the appropriate IP addresses assigned. 

Answer: D 

Q178. - (Topic 3) 

Which of these represents an IPv6 link-local address? 

A. FE80::380e:611a:e14f:3d69 

B. FE81::280f:512b:e14f:3d69 

C. FEFE:0345:5f1b::e14d:3d69 

D. FE08::280e:611:a:f14f:3d69 

Answer: A 

Q179. - (Topic 2) 

What are three benefits of implementing VLANs? (Choose three.) 

A. A higher level of network security can be reached by separating sensitive data traffic from other network traffic. 

B. A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many physical groups to use the same network infrastructure. 

C. A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many logical networks to use the same network infrastructure. 

D. Broadcast storms can be mitigated by increasing the number of broadcast domains, thus reducing their size. 

E. Broadcast storms can be mitigated by decreasing the number of broadcast domains, thus increasing their size. 

F. VLANs make it easier for IT staff to configure new logical groups, because the VLANs all belong to the same broadcast domain. 

G. Port-based VLANs increase switch-port use efficiency, thanks to 802.1Q trunks. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q180. - (Topic 9) 

Which technology allows a large number of private IP addresses to be represented by a smaller number of public IP addresses? 



C. RFC 1631 

D. RFC 1918 

Answer: A 

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