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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q1. Refer to the exhibit.

If the route to is removed from the R2 routing table, which server becomes the master NTP server?

A. R2

B. the NTP server at

C. the NTP server at

D. the NTP server with the lowest stratum number

Answer: D


NTP uses a concept called u201cstratumu201d that defines how many NTP hops away a device is from an authoritative time source. For example, a device with stratum 1 is a very accurate device and might have an atomic clock attached to it. Another NTP server that is using this stratum 1 server to sync its own time would be a stratum 2 device because itu2019s one NTP hop further away from the source. When you configure multiple NTP servers, the client will prefer the NTP server with the lowest stratum value.

Reference: https://networklessons.com/network-services/cisco-network-time-protocol-ntp/

Q2. Which two statements about GLBP are true? (Choose two.)

A. It uses Hello, Request and Reply packet reply.

B. Each GLBP group supports up to 4 MAC address.

C. It support stateful switchover.

D. It communities to multicast address

E. It allows members to elect up to two gateways as the AVG.

Answer: B,C

Q3. Refer to the exhibit.

If R1 and R2 are on the same network, what is the effect on the network when you apply the given configuration to R 1 and R2?

A. A symmetric routing occurs because the bandwidth and delay K value settings are mismatched.

B. The interface bandv.4dlh and delay settings adjust automatically to match the new metric


C. The neighbor adjacency between R1 and R2temporarily resets and then reestablishes itself.

D. R1 and R2 fail to form a neighbor adjacency.

Answer: D

Q4. Which feature forces a new Diffie-Hellman key exchange each time data is transmitted over a

IPsec tunnel?


B. rsa-encr authentication

C. rsa-sig authentication

D. 802.1x

E. CRACK authentication

Answer: A

Q5. Which protocol enables routers in an MPLS environment to use labels to move traffic?







Answer: F

Q6. Which QoS mechanism is used to implement CoPP?


B. rate limiting



Answer: D

Q7. What are three valid HSRP states? (choose three.

A. listen

B. learning

C. full

D. established

E. speak


Answer: A,E,F

Q8. Which option describes how a VTPv3 device responds when it detects a VTPv2 device on a trunk


A. It sends VTPv2 packets only

B. It sends a Special packet that contains VTPv3 and VTPv2 packets information.

C. It sends VTPv3 packets only.

D. It sends VTPv3 and VTPv2 packets.

Answer: D

Q9. Which statement about Control Plane Policing is true?

A. It queues egress packets that would otherwise be discarded.

B. It applies to packets that are generated locally.

C. It queues ingress packets that would otherwise be discarded.

D. It applies to packets that are punted to the route processor.

Answer: B

Q10. If EIGRP and OSPF are configured within an administrative domain for the same network, which value can you change so that the OSPF becomes the installed routing protocol for all routes?

A. Local preference

B. Metric


D. Administrative distance

E. Prefix length

Answer: D

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