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Which two prerequisites for BFD are true? (Choose two)

  • A. Install NETWORK_SERVICES_PKG license
  • B. For Layer 3 port channels used by BFD, you must enable LACP on the port channel
  • C. Disable the IP packet verification check for identical IP source and destination addresses
  • D. Enable ICMP redirect messages on BFD-enabled interfaces
  • E. For Layer 2 port channels used by BFD, you must disable LACP on the port channel

Answer: BC


Which option is required by atomic counters to be leveraged in troubleshooting endpoint connectivity?

  • A. Endpoints must be in different endpoint groups
  • B. Endpoints must connect to different leaf switches
  • C. Endpoints must connect to the same leaf switch
  • D. Endpoints must be in different VRFs
  • E. Endpoints must be in different bridge domains

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
On which VLAN does VLAN Discovery occur?

  • A. VLAN 200
  • B. VLAN 1105
  • C. VLAN 105
  • D. VLAN 1

Answer: D

Which three editing optional of Cisco UCS Director workflow are valid? (Choose three)

  • A. Rename a workflow
  • B. Reorder inputs
  • C. Change an input from mandatory to optional
  • D. change priority of a workflow
  • E. Edit tasks in the workflow
  • F. Delete inputs

Answer: ABF

How many revisions of log files is kept by Cisco Cloud Center?

  • A. 25
  • B. 5
  • C. 20
  • D. 10

Answer: D

Which two options are different ways to extend the Layer 2 domain beyond the ACI fabric? (Choose two)

  • A. Extend the EPG out of the ACI fabric
  • B. Use Private Networks to extend the Layer 2 domain
  • C. Configure fabric access polices on the ACI fabric to match the port settings at the remote end
  • D. Extend the bridge domain out of the ACI fabric
  • E. Extend the VTEP out of the ACI fabric

Answer: AD

Which three options can be used to add a device as a member to a zone? (Choose three)

  • A. IP address
  • B. LUN ID
  • C. device alias
  • D. Fibre Channel ID
  • E. VLAN ID
  • F. fully qualified domain name

Answer: BCD

How does FabricPath build loop-free topologies for multidestination traffic?

  • A. FabricPath uses spanning-tree inside the fabricPath network to prevent loops.
  • B. FabricPath uses forwarding tags to ensure a encapsulate Ethernet traffic in IP multicast packet.
  • C. FabricPath uses multicast groups to encapsulate Ethernet traffic in IP multicast packet.
  • D. FabricPath cannot have loops and does not need to rely any logic to prevent them

Answer: B

Which three statement about the VLAN Trunking Protocol version 3 are true? (Choose three)

  • A. It provides enhanced security with hidden and secret passwords
  • B. It does not support private VLANs
  • C. It supports manual configuration of VLANs on a device configured as a VLAN TrunkingProtocol client
  • D. It is not compatible with VLAN Trunking Protocol version 1 or 2
  • E. It allows only the primary server to make VLAN Trunking Protocol configuration changes
  • F. It supports 4K VLANs

Answer: AEF

Which option is a commonly used network layer protocol in an environment?

  • A. CoAP
  • B. AQMP
  • C. MQTT
  • D. RPL
  • E. XMPP

Answer: D

Which open source controller is a general purpose SDN controller for service provider and enterprise
network operators?

  • A. Beacon OpenFlow Controller
  • B. Cisco OpenDaylight Controller
  • C. Open Network Operating System
  • D. OpenStack Neutron
  • E. Linux Foundation OpenDaylight

Answer: E

Which two statements about IP Source Guard are true? (Choose two)

  • A. IP Source Guard limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IPMAC address binding table entry or static IP source entry
  • B. IP Source Guard requires that DHCP snooping is disabled
  • C. When you first enable IP Source Guard on an interface, you may experience disruption in IP traffic until the hosts on the interface receive a new IP address from a DHCP server
  • D. By default,IP Source Guard is enable on all interfaces
  • E. IP Source Guard is independent of DHCP anooping to build and maintain the IP-MAC address binding table

Answer: AC


Drag and drop components of policy drive Layer 4 - Layer 7 services in an ACI environment from left onto the correct definitions on the right.
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 400-151 dumps exhibit

    You want to move one of your leaf switches connecting to your ACI fabric to another will be
    reconnected to the same fabric after the move. Which operations must you preform before the move?

    • A. Decommission the switch and remove from the controller
    • B. Decommission the switch
    • C. Blacklist the ports
    • D. Disable the interfaces

    Answer: B

    Which three statements are considered best practice when configuring an NFS appliance port on
    Cisco UCS? (Choose three)

    • A. If storage and servers are located in the same subnets, then the appliance port VLANs should be allowed on the upstream switch
    • B. Cisco UCS supports Static and Link Aggregation Control Protocol port channels for appliance port configuratio
    • C. However, no virtual port-channel support
    • D. If storage must be accessed outside of the Cisco UCS domain, then the appliance port VLANsshould be allowed on the upstream switch
    • E. Use of the same VLAN for multiple storage protocol traffic is highly recommended to conserve VLAN namespace use
    • F. If storage is configured in active/passive mode and both fabric interconnects require communication to the same controller, then the appliance port VLANs should be allowed on the upstream switch
    • G. Configuration of the VLAN tagging on the storage side and on the Cisco UCS side simultaneously is recommended

    Answer: BCE

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Which feature is shown in this configuration?

    • A. policy-based routing
    • B. Optimized Edge Routing
    • C. quality of service
    • D. performance routing

    Answer: A

    To test the API in a web browser, which commands must you configure to enable the feature API
    sandbox on the Cisco Nexus platform running NX-OS?

    • A. switch(config)# feature nxos-api switch(config)# nxos-api sandbox
    • B. switch(config)# feature api switch(config)# api sandbox
    • C. switch(config)# feature nx-api switch(config)# nx-api sandbox
    • D. switch(config)# feature nxapi switch(config)# nxapi sandbox

    Answer: D

    Assume that ucsd-dcloud is the correct address of the cisco UCS Director server.Which two
    options are prerequistes to access the cisco UCS Director REST API interface? (choose two)

    • A. Run the dbgtoken utility and ask TAC to generate a response cookie
    • B. Submit the usemame/password to http://ucsd-dcloud to obtain session cookie
    • C. Obtain the REST API Access Key code for the User Information dialog box
    • D. Obtain the developer token from cisco Devnet
    • E. Enable the Developer menu on the Adcanced tab of the User Information dalogbox

    Answer: CE

    Which two statements about ASA and multicontext support in ACI are true? (Choose two)

    • A. The application policy Infrastructure Controller creates the contexts in the USA
    • B. The APIC must communicate with the system context and each virtual context.
    • C. Multicontext support enables the same physical appliance to be experted to multiple tennats.
    • D. With ASA, you cannot partition a single physical ASA into multiple virtual firewalls
    • E. You can create multiple partitions with a virtual appliance, but the vNICs can be shared

    Answer: BC

    Which two statements about configuring the Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System domain policy on an ACI Fabric are true? (Choose two)

    • A. The IS-IS LSP generation initial wait, maximum wait, and second wait intervals can all be configured
    • B. The IS-IS fast-flooding of link state packets improves IS-IS convergence time
    • C. The IS-IS default MTU is set at 4352, and it cannot be changed
    • D. The IS-IS domain policy is configured under Fabric > Global Policies
    • E. The IS-IS domain policy is configured under Fabric > Access Policies
    • F. Cisco Nexus stitches do not have a concept of DR due to vPC
    • G. PIM exchanges unicast hello messages between all routers advertised by the anycast RP
    • H. PIM hello messages are sent to and the router with the highest priority is selected as the DR
    • I. PIM hello messages are sent to and the router with the lowest priority is selected as the DR

    Answer: AB

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