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Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
An admin has created a new EPG in an ACI fabric. The admin then specified static path binding as shown in exhibit. After submitting this policy configuration, the admin noticed that this newly created EPG had the fault shown in the exhibit. Which option is the likely Explanation: of this fault?

  • A. There is no faul
  • B. The fault is currently in the soaking state and the fault will automaticlly clear and everything will work as expected
  • C. The encap VLAN configured is not within the allowed range of VLANs as specified by the associated domain
  • D. There is not enough information to determine the cause of the problem
  • E. The admin incorrectly configured this static path as a "trunk" when it should have been configured as an access (untagged) port

Answer: B

Drag and drop the orchestration components form the left onto relevant Cisco UCS Director functionalities on the right.
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: Task---new VM provision
    Workflow---automates complex operatipons
    Service request---can be scheduled for later execution Input variable ---define data type

    Which method is the best way to troubleshoot a specific workflow execution in UCSD?

    • A. Check the specific SR log.
    • B. Generate techsupport and submit it to the TAC workflow analysis tool.
    • C. Enable debug log first, the check the infrastructure logs.
    • D. Open the infrastructure log.

    Answer: A

    Which two statements about the dynamic load balancer mode in ACI are true? (Choose two)?

    • A. The default DLB mode is “conservative”
    • B. The aggressive DLB mode has a longer flowlet timeout interval
    • C. The aggressive mode flowlettimeaut is a relatively higher value
    • D. DLB adjusts the traffic allocations according to congestion levels
    • E. The aggressive DLB mode has a shorter flowlet timeout interval

    Answer: DE

    Which three prerequisites must be created to enable Cisco UCS authentications via LDAP? (Choose

    • A. LDAP server
    • B. LDAP provider group
    • C. LDAP provider
    • D. LDAP group map
    • E. remotely authenticated user
    • F. authentication domain

    Answer: BCD

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Assume that is valid APIC in the cluster. Which statement is true?

    • A. REST call is valid,but we cannot log in to APIC2,we should log in to APIC1 instead
    • B. REST call is invalid,and we should call/api/aaaLogin.json
    • C. REST call to /api/aaaLogin.xml on APIC2 is valid,and we should receive a session token in theresponse
    • D. REST call is valid,but we should use the GET method instead of POST

    Answer: C

    Which two statements about Node Management Address are true? (Choose two)

    • A. Static node management addresses support only IPv4 addressing
    • B. Static node management addresses, in-band and out-of-band, are associated with the common tenant
    • C. Node management addresses are configured during the initial APIC and switch setup scripts, and they are not part of APIC policy configuration
    • D. The external management entity instance profile communicates with nodes that are part of out- of-band management endpoint group
    • E. The managed node connectivity group captures the set of nodes that are going to participate in the management network

    Answer: CE

    Explanation: routing

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    You attempt to log in to APIC, you receive this response. Which statementis true?

    • A. You must set the APIC-cookie to a value of "token".
    • B. This is a successful login, and you encrypted your password in the "token" attribute using theSHA1 algorithm.
    • C. You must set the APIC-cookie to a value of "sessionld"
    • D. Your session cookie expires in 5 minutes

    Answer: B

    Which two guidelines and limitations of PTP on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose two)

    • A. PTP supports multicast, unicast, and anycast communication
    • B. PTP can be enabled only on F - and M - Series module ports.
    • C. PTP is limitless per network
    • D. Only one PTP process can control all of the port clocks through the clock manager.
    • E. PTP supports transport over UD
    • F. Transport over Ethernet is not supported.

    Answer: DE

    Which two statements about geolocation policies in the ACI Fabric are true?

    • A. Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of a networking device
    • B. Geolocation policies are dynamically configured in ACI using the site address field in the spine and leaf Type-network
    • C. Creating a geolocation policy involves creating a site,floor,room,and row
    • D. Geolocation policies are configured under Fabric > Access Policies
    • E. Geolocation is performed by associating a geographic location with an IP address

    Answer: AE

    Which four types of tables does Cisco vPathmaintain?Which are crucial for its operations toclassify
    and redirect traffic flows to enforce service policies?

    • A. service table
    • B. forwarding table
    • C. flow table
    • D. adjacency table
    • E. group table
    • F. path table
    • G. service node table
    • H. MAC table

    Answer: ACFG

    Which two statements about the Cisco Fibre Channel Domain feature and persistent FC IDs are true? (Choose two.)

    • A. A persistent FC ID that is assigned to an F Port cannot be moved across interfaces if the same persistent FC ID is to be maintained.
    • B. When persistent FC IDs are enabled, FC IDs cannot be changed after a reboot.
    • C. If you connect to the switch from a Windows host, be sure to enable the persistent FC ID feature in the VSAN that connects these hosts.
    • D. The current FC IDs in use in the fcdomain are saved across reboots.
    • E. Entries that the switch has learned must be manually acknowledged to be stored in the FCDomain FCID database.

    Answer: BD

    Which of the following are two possible upgrade states for a node in ACI ? (Choose two)

    • A. CompleteNOK
    • B. upgrading
    • C. CompleteOK
    • D. aborted
    • E. failed

    Answer: AC


    Which two options are common PTP device types? (Choose two)

    • A. transparent clock
    • B. sundials
    • C. crystal clock
    • D. network clock
    • E. boundary clock

    Answer: AE

    Which three statements about IP source guard are true? (Choose 3)

    • A. IP source Guard is dependent upon DHCP snooping to build and maintain the IP-MACAddress binding table or upon manual maintenance of static IP-source entries.
    • B. IP source guard requires that CHCP snooping is disabled.
    • C. By default, IP source guard is enabled on all interfaces.
    • D. IP source guard limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IP=MAC address binding table entry or static IP source entry.
    • E. When you first enable IP source guard on an interface, you may experience disruption in IP traffic until the hosts on the interface receive an new IP address from a DHCP server.

    Answer: ADE

    Drag and drop the best five fundamentals that have proven to enable real world loT successes in innovative companies from the left to the right (in no particular order). Not all options are used
    400-151 dumps exhibit


      Explanation: Shift to Service Use the cloud Plan to Scale Automate
      Follow Industry best practices

      Refer to the exhibit.
      400-151 dumps exhibit
      An administrator must configure a SAN port channel between a cisco UCS and a MDS switch as
      shown in the exhibit.
      The UCS fabric interconnects are in FC switch mode.The administrator creates a port channel on the MDS switches with the configuration.After, which configuration change is needed to bring up the port channel?

      • A. Cisco UCS port configured as storage
      • B. Cisco UCS port configured as FCoE uplink
      • C. feature npv configured on MDS
      • D. switchport mode E on the port-channel interface
      • E. switchport mode NP on the port-channel interface
      • F. feature port-channel configured on mds

      Answer: D

      Refer to the exhibit.
      400-151 dumps exhibit
      If you inspect a VXLAN packet at point 2, which two options about the outer fields in the VXLAN
      header are true? (Choose 2)

      • A. Outer S-MAC = MAC-A ; Outer D-MAC = MAC~B
      • B. Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; Outer D-MAC = MAC-4
      • C. Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; Outer D-MAC = MAC-2
      • D. Outer S-|P = IP-1; Outer D-IP = IP-4
      • E. Outer S-IP = IP-1; Outer D-IP = IP-2.

      Answer: CD

      Which two statements about ACI border leaf are true? (Choose 2)

      • A. Only 32 border leaves are supported in an ACI fabric
      • B. The border leaves are ACI leaves that provide Layer 3 connections to outside networks.
      • C. The border leaf can also be used to connect to compute, IP storage, and service appliances.
      • D. The border leaves are dedicated leaf switches that support only Layer 2 and Layer 3 out in an ACI fabric.

      Answer: BC

      Which three main benefits of using vpath are true? ( Choose three)

      • A. multitenancy
      • B. multisite
      • C. service graphs
      • D. dynamic service provisioning
      • E. service chaining
      • F. device packages

      Answer: ADE

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