10 tips on How to C2040-407 Test Like a Badass [21 to 30]

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2021 Aug C2040-407 exam topics

Q21. In an IBM Domino environment with password checking turned on, a user is unable to access the server once his/her password is reset via the IBM Notes ID vault because of the following error: "You have a different password on another copy of your ID file and you must change the password on this copy to match". What can an administrator do to solve the problem? 

A. Replicate the ID vault database. 

B. Instruct the user to change the password on his/her local user ID. 

C. Clear the password digest field located in the user's Person document. 

D. Reset the password again via the Notes ID vault and make sure the reset action is successful. 

Answer: C 

Q22. The SAML configuration settings are specified in IdP Configuration document(s) in which IBM Notes database? 

A. idpcat.nsf 

B. names.nsf 

C. samlcfg.nsf 

D. samlcat.nsf 

Answer: A 

Q23. Jeff is a developer and would like to sign an XPage to run on an IBM Domino server. What is the lowest level of access privilege he needs in order for the XPage to run? 

A. Run restricted LotusScript/Java agents. 

B. Sign agents to run on behalf of someone else. 

C. Sign XPages to run on behalf of the builder of the XPage. 

D. Sign agents or XPages to run on behalf of the invoker of the agent. 

Answer: D 

Q24. The idpcat.nsf will contain which document(s) with the SAML configuration? 

A. IdP assertion document(s) 

B. SAML assertion document(s) 

C. IdP configuration document(s) 

D. SAML configuration document(s) 

Answer: C 

Q25. The action component of an SMTP mail rule instructs the server to 'change routing state'. If triggered, what will happen? 

A. The router relays the e-mail to a specified server. 

B. The e-mail is held within the mail.box, pending further action by the administrator. 

C. The importance of the e-mail will be adjusted to Low, Normal, or High, depending on the setting configured within the rule. 

D. The delivery priority of the e-mail will be adjusted to Low, Normal, or High, depending on the setting configured within the rule. 

Answer: B 

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Q26. A managed replica is a variation of a standard local replica of the user's mail file. When the user is connected on a server-based location, how is the managed replica used? 

A. The local replica is used by default. 

B. The server replica is used by default. 

C. The managed replica is used by default. 

D. The managed replica will never be used when the user is connected to a server-based location. 

Answer: C 

Q27. What document can be used to allow IBM Domino to receive e-mail addressed to more than one SMTP domain? 

A. Internet Site document 

B. Global Domain document 

C. Adjacent Domain document 

D. Foreign SMTP Domain document 

Answer: B 

Q28. How does the Protected Groups feature work? 

A. The defined group(s) will be protected from receiving mail with attachments. 

B. The defined group(s) cannot be accidentally deleted from the user's local directory. 

C. The defined group(s) cannot be accidentally deleted from the IBM Domino Directory. 

D. The defined group(s) will be protected from mass mailings originating from their home server. 

Answer: C 

Q29. What needs to be done to an IBM Domino certifier to allow it to be managed by the CA process? 

A. Nothing, all certifiers are managed by the CA process by default. 

B. The certifier needs to be generated within the CA application itself. 

C. Following creation, the certifier needs to be migrated to the CA process. 

D. A safe copy of the certifier ID needs to be imported into the CA application. 

Answer: C 

Q30. An administrator can move a mail database archive when he moves a mail database to another server. Which statement defines when the archive database can be moved with the user's mail file? 

A. if the archive is located in the same path as the mail file 

B. if the archive is located on the same server as the mail file 

C. if the archive is located on the same domain as the mail file 

D. if the archive file is not larger than the defined mail quota size 

Answer: B 

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