Shortcuts To C2040-407(31 to 40)

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Q31. What is the minimum level of access that a CA administrator must have to the IBM Domino Directory? 

A. Editor 

B. Author 

C. Manager 

D. Designer 

Answer: A 

Q32. What two tasks can IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security be used for? (Choose two.) 

A. preventing mail database corruption 

B. encrypting incoming and outgoing email 

C. inspecting incoming email attachments for viruses 

D. locking a mail file for litigation or investigation purposes 

E. preventing sensitive data such as credit card numbers from being sent via email 

Answer: C,E 

Q33. What is a credential store? 

A. The credential store is a secure repository where IBM Notes ID files are stored for roaming users. 

B. The credential store is a secure repository for encryption keys necessary for IBM Domino to set up SSO with other applications. 

C. The credential store is a secure repository for encryption keys necessary for Notes client users to be able to send and receive encrypted mail messages. 

D. The credential store is a secure repository for document encryption keys and other tokens necessary for Notes client users to grant access to applications that use the OAuth protocol. 

Answer: D 

Q34. Pedro wants to register 130 new users on the IBM Domino server. Juan has recommended that he should create a User Registration policy. Which statement given by Juan is true with regard to creating a User Registration policy? 

A. A User Registration policy will significantly increase the time Pedro spends registering new users. 

B. A User Registration policy limits Pedro to only four common options in order to get a new user registered. 

C. A User Registration policy will not allow Pedro to set common options to be used while registering a new user within Domino. 

D. A User Registration policy will allow Pedro to standardize common options across new users such as internet domain and email address format. 

Answer: D 

Q35. Matthew would like to publish a database but prevent users from viewing the design. How can he do this? 

A. In the database properties, select the option "Hide database design". 

B. Ensure that no users have Designer or above access to the database. 

C. Replace the design of the database using a template and choose "Hide formulas and LotusScript". 

D. This is not possible, as a developer cannot prevent users who can access the database from viewing the design. 

Answer: C 

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Q36. When replacing a database design, what does the "Hide formulas and LotusScript" option do? 

A. Hides the design of all elements from the user. 

B. Prevents the user from running agents in debug mode only. 

C. Hides the design of formula and LotusScript agents only from the user. 

D. Removes the source code of all agents and script libraries from the database. 

Answer: A 

Q37. The managed mail replica is intended to be used as an abstraction of the user's server-based mail file. When the user performs mail commands, the Local replica is used. How would the user specifically open the server replica? 

A. Click on the Mail shortcut button. 

B. Right-Click the Mail icon and select "Open Server Replica". 

C. Double-click the desktop icon that reflects the server replica. 

D. Selecting File > Open > Notes Application, then browsing to the desired server and replica. 

Answer: D 

Q38. Paula, the IBM Domino administrator, registers new users in IBM Notes and Active Directory at the same time. All defaults are used, and the entire registration queue is processed. When these users are created, random passwords are generated and placed in which database? 

A. names.nsf 

B. adminp.nsf 

C. ntsync45.nsf 

D. adsync45.nsf 

Answer: C 

Q39. What feature can be implemented to allow users to access their customized settings and personal information automatically from any IBM Notes client in the domain? 

A. ID Vault 

B. Roaming 

C. Notes Shared Login 

D. IBM Domino SSO 

Answer: B 

Q40. Which is an advantage of session-based web authentication over browser-based name and password authentication? 

A. Session-based authentication is always transmitted encrypted over SSL. 

B. Name and password-based authentication is supported by few browsers now. 

C. Session-based authentication does not require the user to remember his/her password. 

D. Name and password-based authentication needs to transmit credentials every time the server is accessed, session-based does not. 

Answer: D 

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