cv0-001 pdf [May 2021]

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2021 May CD0-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. A change control plan is concerned with all of the following EXCEPT: 

A. responding to the factors that create scope change. 

B. determining that a scope change has occurred. 

C. documenting baseline project plan assumptions. 

D. managing the actual modifications when and if any occur. 

Answer: C 


Q2. A company hires a consultant to document and automate existing operational processes. The project sponsor indicates that the company intends to keep staffing levels constant as a result of the effort and to promote the best people from operations and train them to be internal auditors. During requirements gathering, most employees decline to help the consultant. Which of the following should the consultant do? 

A. Meet with the employees to address their concerns 

B. Request that the project sponsor require the employees to assist 

C. Write a memorandum and distribute it to the employees 

D. Work with the project sponsor to address their concerns 

Answer: D 


Q3. When determining security requirements for documents, one should consider the: 

A. size of the document. 

B. existing compliance regulations. 

C. retention requirements. 

D. network infrastructure. 

Answer: B 


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Q4. A company has requested a system to capture faxes for storage after they arrive and are printed. An alternate scalable solution would include a(n): 

A. high speed document scanner. 

B. e-mail server capture solution. 

C. fax server capture solution. 

D. Internet fax solution. 

Answer: C 


Q5. When determining access permissions for documents, which of the following should be considered? 

A. Departmental role 

B. Network infrastructure 

C. Network file shares 

D. Firewall setup 

Answer: A 


Q6. When a meeting is planned to obtain design approval for a legacy system interface, a representative of which of the following parties must be in attendance? 

A. End-users 

B. Project Manager 

C. Project sponsor 

D. Information systems 

Answer: B,C,D 


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Q7. Documents on an integrated server are increasing in volume and need to be available in an online status. Which of the following methods is the MOST appropriate regarding low cost, ease of upgrade, and management? 

A. Network Attached Storage (NAS) 

B. Storage Area Network (SAN) 



Answer: A 


Q8. The scanned file size of an 8.5 x 11 inches (A4) page with 300 dpi (12 dots per mm) resolution and a bit depth of one at TIFF Group 4 compression is: 

A. 25 KB. 

B. 50 KB 

C. 75 KB. 

D. 100 KB. 

Answer: B 


Q9. A business receives a total of 2,000 forms a day via fax and standard mail. Each form consist of two single-sided pages. 60% of the forms are received via standard mail. The faxed forms are directly captured electronically for the document management. How many pages will pass through the scanner a day? 

A. 1,200 

B. 2,000 

C. 2,400 

D. 4,800 

Answer: C 


Q10. A software modification is being implemented on an existing document management system. Which information is the LEAST important to communicate to the solution owner? 

A. List of software fixes and patches. 

B. Scheduled maintenance window. 

C. Full description of system changes. 

D. Roll back strategy if software modification fails. 

Answer: B 


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