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2021 Aug CLO-001 free practice test

Q11. Which of the following is the function of orchestration services? 

A. Assemble functional requirements for application development 

B. Configure application clusters with Web services 

C. Enable and disable load balancers 

D. Manage the starting and stopping of application server clusters 

Answer: D 

Q12. Which of the following roles can the IT department play in the selection process of cloud computing providers? 

A. Help understand and explain the application lifecycle 

B. Help understand performance parameters 

C. Help understand provider quality 

D. All of the above are correct 

Answer: D 

Q13. Which of the following is the BEST example of a cloud vendor's monthly hosting fee changing based on cost allocations? 

A. The company's fee varies based on the projected quarterly revenue of the client's company. 

B. The company's fee varies based on the number of their IT staff required to support the infrastructure. 

C. The company's fee varies based on the number of servers needed to house data in the datacenter. 

D. The company's fee varies based on the energy consumption of each server in the datacenter. 

Answer: C 

Q14. Which of the following is the BEST example of maintaining 'strategic flexibility'? 

A. Cloud provisioning models have a risk of not maintaining flexibility once services have been migrated. 

B. When choosing services to migrate into the cloud, there should be a focus on ensuring that future migration between different cloud providers can be facilitated. 

C. Cloud providers need to provide countermeasures to any consequences of not maintaining flexibility of services in a strategic manner. 

D. When choosing services to migrate into the cloud, it should be ensured that the cloud provider can change underlying hardware platforms in case the customer needs change. 

Answer: B 

Q15. Which of the following are the appropriate steps to migrating a backwards compatible application into the cloud? 

A. Assess, proof of concept, migrate data, migrate application, automation/scaling, and optimizing 

B. Migrate the data and rebuild the application using APIs 

C. Purchase service from cloud provider, migrate the user accounts, and disable the internal infrastructure 

D. Decommission the internal infrastructure, purchase service from the cloud provider, and enable for business users 

Answer: A 

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Q16. Which of the following is an important skill for an organization wanting to adopt an IaaS strategy? 

A. Visualization technology 

B. Application service procurement 

C. Customer relations D. Security and risk management 

Answer: A 

Q17. Which of the following is the business benefit of private PaaS? 

A. Improve the reuse of internal databases in an organization. 

B. Improve the speed of the internal development and deployment processes. 

C. Reduce cost and reliance on internal technical skills. 

D. Simplify interfaces for specific user groups. 

Answer: B New Questions 

Q18. Which of the following processes should be implemented to validate the application security of the cloud provider's SaaS application? 

A. Periodic integrity testing 

B. Periodic penetration testing 

C. Review of operating system configuration 

D. Application load testing 

Answer: B 

Q19. A company is implementing a system replacement which has application components that are internally hosted and multiple application components that are hosted as software as a service by different cloud providers. Which of the following represents the challenge of this architecture? 

A. Complexity 

B. Time to market 

C. Cost saving 

D. Elasticity 

Answer: A 

Q20. Which of the following only provides configurable physical hardware and network resources used to make up the cloud? 

A. IaaS 

B. SaaS 

C. PaaS 

D. CaaS 

Answer: A 

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