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2021 May CLO-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Which of the following capabilities MUST a vendor be able to fulfill in order to provide a successful IaaS solution? (Select TWO). 

A. Network maintenance 

B. Application development 

C. Web-based application maintenance 

D. Application configuration settings 

E. Physical security 

Answer: A,E 

Q52. How can cloud-related financial risks be managed? 

A. Credit cards must be used for handling transactions 

B. Eliminating legacy IT systems 

C. Making sure that cloud assets are generating revenue 

D. Renegotiating license agreements 

Answer: C 

Q53. Which of the following is an advantage of cloud computing for an organization? 

A. Increased security of applications and data due to virtualization 

B. Decreased downtime due to increased control over hosted servers 

C. Increased internal focus on IT when hosting with proven providers 

D. Increased scalability to meet usage demands 

Answer: D 

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Q54. Twitter is a service that allows users to exchange short text messages. This is an example of: 

A. PaaS 

B. SaaS 

C. IaaS 

D. QoS 

Answer: B 

Q55. In order for an organization to have a successful cloud implementation, which of the following must be true? 

A. The organization must perform and successfully complete a cloud readiness assessment. 

B. The organization must have used virtualization technology in the past. 

C. The organization must have an unlimited budget for allocation of cloud resources. 

D. The organization must have an in-house IT department. 

Answer: A 

Q56. Which of the following is true when mitigating risks in a cloud environment while avoiding impact to performance? 

A. When securing cloud resources, only the most sensitive data should be secured. 

B. When securing cloud resources, it is always a best practice to encrypt all data stored in the cloud. 

C. When securing cloud resources, data security is not an issue. 

D. When securing cloud resources, it is always a best practice to use the strongest security on the most sensitive data. 

Answer: A 

CLO-001  free practice questions

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Q57. Which of the following is MOST typically accessed through Web services? 

A. IaaS 

B. PaaS 

C. SaaS 

D. None of the above 

Answer: B 

Q58. Which of the following is a benefit of cloud computing? 

A. Cloud computing delivers IT capabilities that scale with demand. 

B. Cloud computing delivers a wide range of services that are easily accessible to users 

C. Cloud computing delivers IT capacity on demand. 

D. Cloud computing negates the need for a procurement department. 

Answer: A 

Q59. Which of the following is a drawback of direct cost when implementing cloud computing? 

A. It cannot be applied to IaaS. 

B. It is complex. 

C. It is less accurate. 

D. It only works with SaaS. 

Answer: C 

Q60. Which of the following is a differentiating characteristic of private cloud solutions compared to public cloud solutions? 

A. Private cloud solutions are dedicated for use by a single organization. 

B. Private cloud solutions are never accessible via the public Internet. 

C. Private cloud solutions do not provide incremental scalability. 

D. Private cloud solutions save considerably more money than a public cloud solution. 

Answer: A 

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