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Which of the following parameters is not used by Advanced ACL?

  • A. Source interface
  • B. Destination port number
  • C. Protocol number
  • D. Time-range

Answer: A

A user accesses a server supporting AAA, for which the authorization mode on the AAA server has beenconfigured using the command “authorization-mode hwtacacs if- authenticated”. Which of the followingstatements regarding this command are true?(Choose three).

  • A. If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using local authentication.
  • B. If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using remote authentication.
  • C. If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will bypass authentication.
  • D. The hwtacacs server will authorize the user.

Answer: ABD

In order to check if the interface serial 1/0/0 is working in either DCE or DTE mode, command ( ) is used.

  • A. display mode serial 1/0/0
  • B. display controller
  • C. display interface serial 1/0/0
  • D. display current-config

Answer: C

Which of the following statements regarding link-state database and routing-table of a “single” OSPF area arecorrect?(Choose two)

  • A. The link-state databases that all routers build are identical.
  • B. The link-state databases that all routers build are different.
  • C. The routing-tables that all routers calculate are different.
  • D. The routing-tables that all routers calculate are identical.

Answer: AC

On Huawei switch, which of the following commands can be used to set port duplex mode as"autonegotiation"?(Choose two)

  • A. duplex negotiation auto
  • B. duplex auto-negotiation
  • C. duplex auto
  • D. undo duplex

Answer: CD

An administrator of a company supporting a large enterprise network wishes to implement OSPF on the network as opposed to RIP. Which of the following points should the administrator use to support his reasoning for this change?(Choose three)

  • A. OSPF has no hop count limitation
  • B. OSPF has a lower routing update overhead
  • C. OSPF has a simpler configuration.
  • D. OSPF supports faster convergence.

Answer: ABD

When configuring a router as a PPPoE client, which configuration is not necessary?

  • A. Configuration of the dialer-rule
  • B. Configuration of the dialer interface
  • C. Configuration of an IP address on the dialer interface
  • D. Configuration of a password on the dialer interface

Answer: C

How many probe packets are sent for each TTL value by default when"tracert" is used to detect the path alongwhich packet is sent from source to destination?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 8

Answer: A

After a command for displaying RIP route information is entered on a router, peer on Serial1/0/0 isdisplayed in the returned result. What does stand for?

  • A. Address of a RIP neighbor
  • B. Address of the port with the RIP protocol enabled
  • C. Next hop address of the RIP route
  • D. Transmission address of the RIP protocol

Answer: A

Which of the following commands is used to display the current running state and configuration of RIP?

  • A. display protocol rip
  • B. show rip
  • C. display rip
  • D. display this rip

Answer: C

Refer to the graphic. The network administrator wishes to aggregate the two links as member interfaces of Ethtrunk
Which statement is correct?

  • A. The interfaces will be aggregated with load balancing.
  • B. The interfaces will be aggregated, but only interface GE0/0/1 will send data flow.
  • C. The interfaces will be aggregated, but the Eth-trunk will not be active.
  • D. The interfaces cannot be aggregated.

Answer: D

The administrator uses the ping command on the host to test connectivity to the website
The command line shows a request time out. The administrator displays the ARP entries for the host.
Which entry will be found in the ARP cache table of the host?

  • A. The MAC address of the destination will exist in the ARP cache.
  • B. The MAC address of the switch will exist in the ARP cache.
  • C. The IP address of the destination will exist in the ARP cache.
  • D. The MAC address of router interface G0/0/0, will exist in the ARP cache.

Answer: D

If AH and ESP are both required to protect data streams between IPsec peers, how many SecurityAssociations (SA) are required in total?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer: D

Two routers have established a point-to-point network using PPP. The administrator has configured the routersto run OSPF in the same area with the same router ID, what will behavior will occur as a result of theconfiguration?

  • A. The routers will build a neighbor relationship even though both routers are using the same router ID.
  • B. VRP will notify of a router ID conflict between the two routers.
  • C. The routers will build an adjacency even though both routers are using the same router ID.
  • D. The routers will not send hello packets to each other because they are using the same router ID.

Answer: B

A user can view the information for the RIP protocol on a router. What does “Age time” in the returned result ofthe command mean?

  • A. The interval of updating an RIP packet
  • B. The aging time of an RIP route
  • C. The suppression time of an RIP route
  • D. The time spent on switching between RIP routes

Answer: B

[Huawei]rip 1
[Huawei-rip-1]version 2
Refer to the command output. An administrator wishes to configure RIP. Which other command needs toconfigured for RIP routes to be advertised?

  • A. import-route GigabitEthernet 0/0/1
  • B. network
  • C. network GigabitEthernet 0/0/1
  • D. network

Answer: D

Which of the following is abbreviation of VRP?

  • A. Versatile Routine Platform
  • B. Virtual Routing Platform
  • C. Virtual Routing Plane
  • D. Versatile Routing Platform

Answer: D

The network administrator needs to configure static NAT on RTA, in order to allow Host A to communicate withHost C. Which command is correct?

  • A. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat outbound
  • B. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside
  • C. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside
  • D. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside

Answer: D

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