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Router] ip pool pool1
[Router-ip-pool-pool1] network mask
[Router-ip-pool-pool1] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool1] quit
[Router] ip pool pool2
[Router-ip-pool-pool2] network mask
[Router-ip-pool-pool2] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool2] quit
[Router] interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1
[Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] ip address 24 [Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] dhcp select global
Refer to the configuration output. Following configuration, a host is connected to the interface Gigabit Ethernet0/0/1 of the router. Which IP address will the client obtain?
<choice ident=“A”>
<choice ident=“B”>
<choice ident=“C”>
<choice ident=“D”>

  • A. An IP address from network will be assigned.
  • B. An IP address from network will be assigned.
  • C. The host will be unable to obtain an IP address.
  • D. An IP address may be assigned from either or

Answer: A

Which of the following parameter settings for terminal emulation are correct when configuring a Huawei routerthrough the Console port?

  • A. 4800bps, 8 data bits,1 stop bits, odd parity check, and no flow control
  • B. 9600bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, no parity check, and no flow control
  • C. 9600bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, even parity check, and hardware flow control
  • D. 19200bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, no parity check, and no flow control

Answer: B

In the case of Huawei router, what is the "-i" parameter in a Ping command issued on a VRP operating systemused to set?

  • A. Interface for sending an Echo Request packet
  • B. Source IP address for sending an Echo Request packet
  • C. Interface for receiving an Echo Reply packet
  • D. Destination IP address for receiving an Echo Reply packet

Answer: A

The network administrator wishes to forward data over an Eth-trunk, however associated member interfacesoperate at different rates. In terms of the resulting behavior, which of the following is true?

  • A. The two switches will not be able to communicate.
  • B. The higher rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.
  • C. The Eth-Trunk will work normally.
  • D. The lower rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.

Answer: D

A DHCP server has been established in the enterprise network. After the client has obtained an IP addressfrom the DHCP server, the user decided to modify the IP address manually. In what way may this affect theenterprise network?(Choose two).

  • A. The client may experience an IP address conflict.
  • B. The client may access the network normally.
  • C. The client’s interface connection will shutdown.
  • D. The client will associate with another DHCP server.

Answer: AB

What functions does a Hello packet of OSPF implement?(Choose two)

  • A. Neighbor discovery
  • B. Deletion of unreachable neighbors.
  • C. Maintaining of neighbor relationships.
  • D. Negotiation of parameters among adjacent ports.

Answer: AC

Which of the following statements regarding the routing table are correct?(Choose two)

  • A. The next hop in the routing table is redundant because the outgoing interface can be used for packetforwarding.
  • B. The routes from generated by different protocols have different preferences.
  • C. The metrics of different routing protocols are comparable.
  • D. The metrics of different routing protocols are not comparable

Answer: BD

FTP may be used to upgrade a router's VRP image. Which of the following transmission modes should beused to achieve this?

  • A. binary mode
  • B. ASCII mode
  • C. byte mode
  • D. letter mode

Answer: A

In the PPPoE discovery stage, the PPPoE server assigns a session-id to the PPPoE client in which packet?

  • A. PADI
  • B. PADO
  • C. PADR
  • D. PADS

Answer: D

In a network supporting IPv6, OSPF no longer supports which feature?

  • A. multiple areas
  • B. Router-ID
  • C. authentication
  • D. multicast updates

Answer: C

<R2>debugging rip 1
Sep 13 2013 11:07:20.974.1-05:13 R2 RIP/7/DBG: 6: 13414: RIP 1: Receiving v1 response
GigabitEthernet0/0/0 from with 1 RTE
Sep 13 2013 11:07:20.974.2-05:13 R2 RIP/7/DBG: 6: 13465: RIP 1: Receive response
from on GigabitEthernet0/0/0
Sep 13 2013 11:07:20.974.3-05:13 R2 RIP/7/DBG: 6: 13476: Packet: Version 1, Cmd
response, Length 24
Sep 13 2013 11:07:20.974.4-05:13 R2 RIP/7/DBG: 6: 13527: Dest, Cost 1
Sep 13 2013 11:07:20.974.5-05:13 R2 RIP/7/DBG: 6: 2688: RIP 1: Ignoring packet. This
version is notconfigured.
Refer to the debug output. Following configuration of R2, the administrator discovers that the behavior is not asexpected and performs debugging. Based on the output from the debug, what is the source of the problem?

  • A. R2 has configured an ACL to block the route to network
  • B. R2 has enabled split horizon.
  • C. R1 is using authentication, however R2 is not.
  • D. R2 is operating using RIPv2, while R1 is using RIPv1.

Answer: D

Assume that the router has learnt the best route to the same destination by using RIP, OSPF and Static Routerespectively. By default, the Huawei router will select the route learnt via ( ) as the best route.

  • A. RIP
  • B. OSPF
  • C. RIPv2
  • D. Static route

Answer: B

The IPv6 address achitecture does not include which of the following address types?

  • A. unicast
  • B. multicast
  • C. broadcast
  • D. anycast

Answer: C

<Huawei> system-view
[Huawei] user-interface console 0
[Huawei-ui-console0] user privilege level 15
[Huawei-ui-console0] authentication-mode password
[Huawei-ui-console0] set authentication password cipher huawei2012 [Huawei-ui-console0] quit
Refer to the configuration output. The administrator configured the device using the commands in theconfiguration output. Regarding these commands, which statement is false?

  • A. The administrator wishes to enable management through the console interface.
  • B. Following configuration, the administrator cannot manage the device remotely.
  • C. A user that logs-in through the console interface is assigned the highest privilege level.
  • D. The password of a user logged in through console is ‘cipher huawei2012’

Answer: D

Refer to the graphic. An administrator has configed RIPv2 in the two routers shows in the figure. What willhappen after configuring the following commands? (Choose two)
[RTA-Serial0/0/1]rip output [RTA-rip-1]silent-interface s0/0/1

  • A. RTA will have the route learned from the RTB
  • B. RTB will have the route learn from the RTA
  • C. RTA will have no neighbor relationship with RTB
  • D. RTB will have no neighbor relationship with RTB

Answer: AD

Which of following may be the reasons that cause Frame Relay PVC to work abnormally?(Choose three)

  • A. Same DLCI number is configured on the same router
  • B. LMI type mismatch
  • C. Frame Relay encapsulation type mismatch
  • D. Incorrect configuration of the DLCI number

Answer: BCD

A DHCP Unique Identifier (DUID) in DHCPv6 can be configured in VRP using which formats?(Choose two).

  • A. DUID-LL
  • C. DUID-EN

Answer: AB

A router functioning as a Proxy receives an ARP request packet, but finds that the destination address in thepacket is not intended for itself. In this case, what will the router do?(Choose two)

  • A. Discard the packet.
  • B. Check for a route that matches the destination address.
  • C. Forward its MAC address to the ARP request sender after finding that a route to the destination address isavailable.
  • D. Broadcast the ARP request packet.

Answer: BC

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