comptia jk0-019 [May 2021]

Exam Code: JK0-019 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam (JK0-019)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2021 May JK0-019 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. A Stateful firewall is MOST useful in protecting against which of the following network scans? 



C. Xmas 


Answer: C 

Q112. When the DHCP server is unavailable for a network, how will PCs attempt to configure their NICs? 

A. PCs will attempt to use the last address assigned to them. 

B. PCs will pull from a static address pool. 

C. PCs will use APIPA. 

D. PCs will prompt the user for an address. 

Answer: C 

Q113. Which of the following is a reason to use dynamic DNS? 

A. The host IP address is not listed in the firewall. 

B. The host IP address is assigned by DHCP. 

C. Static routes cannot be used on the host network. 

D. A third-party certificate is being used. 

Answer: B 

JK0-019  practice test

Refresh jk0-019 comptia network+ certification exam:

Q114. Which of the following networking protocols would Kurt, a technician, use to standardize correct time on network devices? 





Answer: A 

Q115. Which of the following TCP/IP and OSI model layers retransmits a TCP packet if it is not received successfully at its destination? 

A. The transport OSI model layer and the transport TCP/IP model layer 

B. The transport OSI model layer and the Internet TCP/IP model layer 

C. The network OSI model layer and the transport TCP/IP model layer 

D. The network OSI model layer and the Internet TCP/IP model layer 

Answer: A 

Q116. For security reasons a network technician wants to install a Linux based email server, Microsoft web services, and directory services on different servers. Which of the following technologies would be BEST to reduce hard ware costs? 

A. VPN concentrator 

B. Virtual servers 

C. Wireless 

D. Multimode fiber 

Answer: B 

JK0-019  practice test

Validated jk0-019 vs jk0-023:

Q117. Which of the following components is typically used for voice transmissions and has a 10Mbps maximum transfer speed? 

A. 110 block 

B. Patch panel 

C. Vertical cross connect 

D. 66 block 

Answer: D 

Q118. At which of the following does the telephone company's responsibility cease? 

A. 66 block 

B. Demarc 

C. 110 block 


Answer: B 

Q119. Prioritizing traffic between data and voice is defined as which of the following? 

A. Caching engines 

B. Proxy server 

C. QoS 

D. Load balancing 

Answer: C 

Q120. Which of the following allows a WAP to be installed in a location where there are no power outlets available? 

A. Port authentication 

B. PoE 


D. Trunking 

Answer: B 

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