comptia linux+ lx0-101 pdf : May 2021 Edition

Exam Code: LX0-101 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2021 May LX0-101 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. For which of the following can the tee command be used? 

A. Print the contents of a file in reverse order. 

B. Use the output of one command as arguments to another. 

C. Add line numbers to the output of a command. 

D. Pipe the output of one command into the input of another. 

E. Send a command's output to stdout and a to file at the same time. 

Answer: E

Q2. Given the following output: prompt> myapp [1]+ Stopped myapp prompt> Which of the following commands will resume executing the stopped process while allowing the user to continue to type commands at the command prompt? 

A. bg myapp 

B. continue myapp 

C. exec myapp 

D. fg myapp 

E. myapp & 

Answer: A


To change the priority of a running process, an administrator should use the ____ command. (Specify command only with no options.) 


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Q4. Which of the following configuration files should be modified to disable the ctrl-alt-delete key combination? 

A. /etc/keys 

B. /proc/keys 

C. /etc/inittab 

D. /proc/inittab 

E. /etc/reboot 

Answer: C


What is the name of the main configuration file for GRUB? (Please specify the file name with no path information). 


Q6. Which of the following commands will allow an administrator to adjust the number of mounts after which an existing filesystem will be checked by e2fsck? 

A. debugfs 

B. dumpe2fs 

C. mode2fs 

D. tune2fs 

E. mke2fs 

Answer: D

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Q7. Which of the following commands will show the contents of a gzip compressed tar archive? 

A. gzip archive.tgz | tar xvf -

B. tar ztf archive.tgz 

C. gzip -d archive.tgz | tar tvf -

D. tar cf archive.tgz 

Answer: B


_________ /dev/sda3 will create a swap area on the device /dev/sda3. 


Q9. In bash, inserting 1>&2 after a command redirects: A. standard error to standard input. 

B. standard input to standard error. 

C. standard output to standard error. 

D. standard error to standard output. 

E. standard output to standard input. 

Answer: C

Q10. In the vi editor, which of the following commands will delete the current line at the cursor and the 16 lines following it (17 lines total)? 

A. 17d 

B. 17dd 

C. 17x 

D. d17d 

E. 16d 

Answer: B

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