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A network administrator is testing connectivity at a new corporate site. The site has a wireless guest as well as a wired employee network. After verifying connectivity, the administrator checks link speeds by using a speed testing website. The speed testing website shows lower download and upload speeds for the wired network than the wireless network. Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation?

  • A. There is less local congestion on the wireless network
  • B. The testing server for the wired network was farther away
  • C. The firewall is configured to throttle traffic to specific websites
  • D. The wireless access points were misconfigured

Answer: B

Based on networks and, which of the following is the BEST summarized CIDR notation?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer: A

Lisa, a user, reports increased delays and timeouts when trying to reach several Internet sites. Which of the following would MOST likely be used when investigating the problem at Lisa's workstation?

  • A. nslookup
  • B. route
  • C. nbtstat
  • D. arp

Answer: A

The process of attempting to exploit a weakness in a network after being given permission by the company is known as:

  • A. penetration testing
  • B. vulnerability scanning
  • C. reconnaissance
  • D. social engineering

Answer: A

A network technician receives a call from a user in the accounting department stating that Internet connectivity has been lost after receiving a new workstation. No other users in accounting are reporting similar issues. The network technician is able to ping the machine from the accounting department’s router, but is not able to ping the machine from the IT network. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

  • A. Incorrect default gateway
  • B. Duplicate IP address
  • C. Misconfigured OSPF
  • D. Improper VLAN assignment

Answer: A

A network administrator configures a router with the following IP address information: Gigabit Ethernet 1 Interface:
Serial 0 Interface:
Clients are connected to a switch on the gigabit Ethernet interface; the ISP is connected to the Serial 0 interface. When the router configuration is complete and client devices are reconfigured, all clients report that they are unable to connect to the Internet. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason?

  • A. The router was configured with an incorrect IP address
  • B. The router was configured with an incorrect default gateway
  • C. The router was configured with an incorrect subnet mask
  • D. The router was configured with an incorrect loopback address

Answer: C

A company recently upgraded all of its printers to networked multifunction devices. Users can print to the new devices, but they would also like the ability to scan and fax files from their computers. Which of the following should the technician update to allow this functionality?

  • A. Device software
  • B. Printer drivers
  • C. Printer firmware
  • D. NIC drivers

Answer: C

A Windows server has a problem after booting up. Kim, a technician, should immediately check the:

  • A. history logs.
  • B. cron logs.
  • C. application logs.
  • D. system logs.

Answer: D

Management has requested that services be available within 72 hours of disaster, Budget is a major concern. A contract is signed with a company that has plenty space, and the technician will have the option of putting infrastructure equipment in place. Which of the following BEST describes this business continuity strategy?

  • A. Cold site
  • B. Differentiate backup
  • C. Hot site
  • D. Incremental backup
  • E. Warm site
  • F. Full backup

Answer: A

A network technician is creating a new subnet for 488 host machines. The technician is told to use a class B address scheme when making the subnet and is instructed to leave as much room as possible for additional subnets of the same size. Which of the following subnets would fulfill these requirements?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.

Answer: D

A network technician is installing a new wireless network in a small office. Due to environment concerns, The customer wants the network to run exclusively on the %GHz frequency. Which of the following wireless technologies should the technician install meet this requirement? (Select TWO).

  • A. 802.11ac
  • B. 802 11b
  • C. 802 11g
  • D. 802.11n
  • E. Bluetooth
  • F. z-Ware

Answer: AD

Users in a school lab are reporting slow connections to the servers and the Internet. Other users in the school have no issues. The lab has 25 computers and is connected with a single 1Gb Ethernet connection on Cat 5e wiring to an unmanaged switch. There are also three spare Cat 5e cable runs, which are not in use. The school wants to double the connection speed between the lab and the servers without running new cables. Which of the following would be the BEST solution?

  • A. Plug in a second spare cable at each end to double the speed.
  • B. Replace the switches with ones that utilize port bonding and use the spare cables.
  • C. Replace the switches with 10Gb switches and utilize the existing cabling.
  • D. Plug in a second cable and set one port to TX and one port to RX.

Answer: B

In which of the following scenarios should a technician use a cross-over cable to provide connectivity?

  • A. PC to switch
  • B. Switch to AP
  • C. Router to switch
  • D. Router to modem
  • E. PC to PC

Answer: E

A network administrator has a monitoring system in place that is currently polling hundreds of network devices at regular intervals. The continuous polling is causing high CPU utilization on the server. Which of the following tasks should the administrator perform to resolve the CPU issue while maintaining full monitoring capabilities?

  • A. Remove SNMP polling and configure SNMP traps on each network device
  • B. Remove SNMP polling and implement snmpwalk on each network device
  • C. Upgrade SNMP to the latest version to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • D. Modify SNMP polling to poll only during business hours

Answer: A

A network technician is installing a new network switch is looking for an appropriate fiber optic patch cable. The fiber optic patch panel uses a twist-style connector. The switch uses a SFP module. Which of the following connector types should the fiber patch cable have?

  • A. LC
  • B. ST
  • C. SC
  • D. MTRJ
  • E. MTP

Answer: B

A network administrator receives a call from the sales department requesting ports 20 and 21 be opened on the company’s firewall to allow customers to retrieve a large file. Which of the following should the administrator perform BEFORE making the needed changes? (Choose two.)

  • A. Document the reason for the request
  • B. Scan the file for malware to protect the sales department’s computers
  • C. Follow the company’s approval process for the implementation
  • D. Install a TFTP server for the customers to use for the transfer
  • E. Create a honeypot to store the file on for the customers to use
  • F. Write the SLA for the sales department authorizing the change

Answer: AC

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