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2021 Oct VCA6-NV exams

Q111. Which two NSX Data Security roles could be assigned to view configured policies and violation reports? (Choose two.)

A. Security Administrator

B. NSX Administrator

C. Auditor

D. Enterprise Administrator

Answer: AC

Q112. Which port is used for NSX REST API Requests?

A. 80

B. 443

C. 5480

D. 8443

Answer: B

Q113. An administrator needs to verify which port the switch manager is using. Which command should be used?

A. show controller-cluster status

B. show controller-cluster core stats

C. show controller-cluster connections

D. show controller-cluster logical-switches

Answer: C

Q114. Which statement describes the traffic throughput of the NSX Distributed Firewall?

A. By decoupling the firewall services from the virtualization layer, traffic is directed to the distribution layer for firewall processing within a service module.

B. By deploying firewall software on a per virtual machine basis, firewall services will be distributed across multiple compute nodes.

C. Firewall services are implemented as kernel modules and provide traffic filtering between the virtual machine's vNIC and the vSwitch.

D. Firewall services are distributed as a software firewall appliance and may be deployed on more than one ESXi host for scalability and high availability.

Answer: C

Q115. What is determined when an NSX Administrator creates a Segment ID Pool?

A. The range of VXLAN Network Identifiers (VNIs) that can be assigned to Logical Switches.

B. The total number of Logical Switches that can be deployed in a single Compute Cluster.

C. The range of VLAN segments that can be assigned to Transport Zones.

D. The total number of addresses that can be used to assign VTEP IP addresses to ESXi hosts during host preparation.

Answer: A

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Q116. How many DHCP pools can be created on the NSX Edge?

A. 2,000

B. 5,000

C. 10,000

D. 20,000

Answer: D

Q117. Which feature is not supported by the vSphere 5.5 Distributed Switch?

A. Multiple link aggregation groups

B. Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) QOS at layer3

C. Packet captures at the uplink, virtual switch port, or vNIC

D. IGMP snooping at layer 2

Answer: D

Q118. -- Exhibit –

Based on the diagram, which statement details proper processing of packets if they are QoS tagged?

A. Locations C and D will trust the QoS tags of the encapsulated frame when passing packets.

B. Location B should trust the QoS tags of the encapsulated frames that are switched.

C. Location A will mark the inner header of the encapsulated frame.

D. Location B should trust the QoS tags of the external header.

Answer: D

Q119. What is the packet size of the VXLAN standard test packet when using the Ping test on the logical switches?

A. 1500

B. 1550

C. 1575

D. 1600

Answer: B

Q120. An administrator wants to perform Activity Monitoring on a large group of virtual machines in an NSX environment. How would this task be accomplished with minimal administrative effort?

A. Create a PowerCLI script to enable virtual machine data collection on each virtual machine.

B. Create a security group in Service Composer and add the virtual machines to the security group.

C. Add the virtual machines to the pre-defined Activity Monitoring security group in Service Composer.

D. Add the virtual machines to a VM folder in vCenter Server and enable data collection.

Answer: C

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