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2021 Jun VCP550D practice exam

Q101. The bandwidth between two sites is too slow to transfer large virtual machine files. The administrator needs to export a virtual machine to OVF to reduce the size of the transfer. When the administrator attempts to initiate the Export OVF Template feature, the selection is grayed out.

What is the likely reason that the administrator is unable to select this option?

A. The virtual machine is in a powered on state.

B. There is not enough disk space on the destination for the OVF.

C. The administrator's account does not have the correct privileges.

D. The virtual machine is not compatible with the OVF format.

Answer: A

Q102. Which default alarm definition will send a notification trap if the redundant storage path is lost?

A. Cannot connect to storage

B. Datastore removed from host

C. Host storage status

D. Hardware health changed

Answer: A

Q103. Which two Identity Sources are available to add for vCenter Single Sign-On authentication? (Choose two.)

A. LocalOS


C. NIS as an LDAP Server


Answer: AB

Q104. A virtual machine has the following configuration:

Thin provisioned virtual disks

The VMFS datastore on which it resides is on a thin provisioned LUN.

The storage array is VAAI-enabled.

What is the behavior of the virtual machine when it encounters an out-of-space condition?

A. It is suspended.

B. It is gracefully shut down.

C. It is powered off.

D. It is converted to space-efficient sparse.

Answer: A

Q105. An administrator notices that a virtual machine fails to start when right-clicking on the VM in the inventory and clicking Power -> Power On.

Which log file should the administrator check first to determine why the virtual machine will not start?

A. vmkernel.log

B. messages

C. vpxa.log

D. fdm.log

Answer: A

VCP550D  exam

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Q106. Which controller is recommended for high disk I/O workloads?

A. BusLogic Parallel

B. LSI Logic Parallel

C. LSI Logic SAS

D. VMware Paravirtual

Answer: D

Q107. An administrator has deployed vSphere Data Protection and wants to configure several virtual machine backup jobs. When using the vSphere client on a Windows 7 desktop, the administrator notices that there is no icon for vSphere Data Protection in the Solutions and Applications area of the vSphere client.

What is the reason the administrator is unable to access vSphere Data Protection from the vSphere client on their desktop?

A. The vSphere Data Protection client plug-in is not installed on the administrator's desktop.

B. Accessing vSphere Data Protection requires the use of the vSphere Web Client.

C. The vSphere Data Protection plug-in is disabled in the vSphere Client on the administrator's desktop.

D. The administrator's desktop does not have connectivity to the vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance.

Answer: B

Q108. A vSphere administrator deleted a vApp from disk. A second administrator needs the virtual machines that were contained in the vApp.

What should the first administrator do to make the virtual machines available?

A. Recover the virtual machines from backup

B. Add the virtual machines back into inventory

C. Undelete the vApp

D. Recover the virtual machines from Stranded Items

Answer: A

Q109. Which two statements are true regarding a new vSphere deployment that is using software FCoE boot from SAN? (Choose two.)

A. Multi-pathing options must be configured by the vmkernel after boot.

B. The adapter must support iBFT or UEFI.

C. The adapter must support FBFT or FBPT.

D. Multi-pathing options must be configured in the Boot ROM.

Answer: AC

Q110. A vSphere administrator needs a way of sending noncritical ESXi events to a remote server. Due to budget constraints, no additional costs should be incurred.

Which tool will best meet this requirement?

A. vSphere Syslog Collector

B. vSphere ESXi Dump Collector

C. vSphere vCenter Log Insight

D. vSphere Management Appliance

Answer: A

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