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2021 Jun how many questions vcp550d:

Q121. An administrator using vCenter Operations Manager is viewing the health of an ESXi host in the environment. There have NOT been any reported outages or issues with the ESXi host, but the administrator needs to determine if the host is behaving normally.

Which minor badge should the administrator investigate to determine this information?

A. Faults

B. Anomalies

C. Stress

D. Health

Answer: B

Q122. A vSphere administrator is configuring a fully automated DRS cluster and determines that DRS is not balancing virtual machine workloads.

What condition could cause this behavior?

A. vMotion is not properly configured on the hosts in the cluster.

B. HA is not properly configured on the hosts in the cluster.

C. The DRS threshold is configured on the most aggressive setting.

D. Some of the virtual machines have been disabled from DRS.

Answer: A

Q123. An administrator is considering using NPIV to assign WWNs to virtual machines. Virtual machine portability is a major concern.

Why would NPIV be inappropriate for this deployment?

A. Virtual machines using NPIV must use DirectPath I/O.

B. Storage vMotion is not supported using NPIV.

C. vMotion is not supported using NPIV.

D. Enabling NPIV requires SR-IOV supported hardware.

Answer: B

Q124. A VMware administrator determines that the active memory on an ESXi 5.x host is 20% and the consumed memory is 90%.

How much host memory is available to virtual machines?

A. 80%

B. 10%

C. 70%

D. 20%

Answer: A

Q125. An application server has been added to an existing multi-tier application contained in a vApp. Shortly after a planned maintenance event, users are unable to access the application.

What does the vSphere administrator need to change to ensure the application can be accessed?

A. The startup order of the vApp

B. The shutdown option to power off the virtual machines

C. The IP Allocation policy to DHCP

D. The Memory Shares to High

Answer: A

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Q126. An administrator needs to create an IP allocation policy for a multi-tiered application running in a vApp.

The IP addresses should be allocated automatically by vCenter Server, but should not be released even if a virtual machine is powered off.

Which IP allocation model should the administrator use for the vApp?

A. Static - Manual

B. Transient - IP Pool


D. Static - IP Pool

Answer: D

Q127. Which minor badge scores are used to calculate the Health score in vCenter Operations Manager?

A. Time remaining, Capacity remaining, Stress

B. Workload, Anomalies, Faults

C. Stress, Faults, Risk

D. Reclaimable Waste, Density

Answer: B

Q128. A large medical institution needs to centralize malware and anti-virus scanning in its environment.

Which vSphere component will satisfy this requirement?

A. vShield Endpoint

B. vCloud Network and Security

C. vSphere Data Protection Advanced

D. vCenter Operations Manager

Answer: A

Q129. -- Exhibit –

-- Exhibit --

A vSphere administrator attempts to manually vMotion a virtual machine but receives error messages related to the Shared Storage datastore shown in the exhibit.

The administrator uses the vSphere Web Client and locates the datastore settings shown: Which action should the administrator take to resolve these errors?

A. Reconnect server3 to the vCenter server.

B. Select server3 and click Mount.

C. Remove server3 from the cluster then re-add it.

D. Right-click Not connected and select Connect.

Answer: B

Q130. A vSphere administrator notices that hosts are not powering off when the total cluster load is low on a cluster configured with Dynamic Power Management.

What condition could cause this behavior?

A. The DRS migration threshold is set to the most conservative setting.

B. The DRS migration threshold is set to the most aggressive setting.

C. The DPM migration threshold is set to the most conservative setting.

D. The DPM migration threshold is set to the most aggressive setting..

Answer: A

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