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2021 Oct vcp550d dump pdf:

Q171. To comply with security requirements, an administrator with a vCenter Server Appliance needs to force logoff of the vSphere web client after 10 minutes of inactivity.

What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?

A. Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/, modify session.timeout=10

B. Edit: /opt/vmware/vsphere-client/, modify session.timeout=600

C. Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/ modify session.timeout=600

D. Edit: /opt/vmware/vsphere-client/, modify session.timeout=10

Answer: A

Q172. Which workflow should the administrator follow to create a High Availability (HA) cluster?

A. Select a datacenter, create a cluster in the datacenter, add resources to the cluster, enable HA, and configure HA-specific settings

B. Select a resource pool, create an HA Cluster in the resource pool, add resources to the cluster, configure HA-specific settings, and enable HA

C. Select a datacenter, create an HA Cluster, add resources to the cluster, configure HA- specific settings, and enable HA

D. Select a resource pool, create a cluster in the pool, add resources to the cluster, enable HA, and configure HA-specific settings

Answer: A

Q173. When deploying two sibling resource pools (RP1 and RP2), an administrator needs to make all resources in RP1 available to virtual machines in RP2.

Which configuration should the administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Set the Reservation of RP2 to 0

B. Set the Reservation of RP1 to 0

C. Set the Limit of RP1 to Unlimited

D. Set the Limit of RP2 to Unlimited

Answer: B

Q174. Before upgrading from vCenter 4.x to 5.x, an administrator runs the vCenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker. The Checker reports an issue.

What would cause the vCenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker to report an issue?

A. The .NET framework 3.5 is installed.

B. The host network card is only 1 Gbps.

C. The file system is not intact.

D. The VMFS file system is version 4.0.

Answer: C

Q175. A vSphere administrator needs to use vSphere Update Manager to perform orchestrated upgrades of virtual machines.

Which two options are available for virtual machine remediation? (Choose two.)

A. Upgrade virtual machine hardware

B. Upgrade VMware tools

C. Upgrade virtual machine appliances

D. Upgrade virtual machine guest OS

Answer: AB

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Q176. An administrator needs to export system logs for an ESXi 5.5 host to determine the root cause for a host performance issue. This host supports manifest-driven exports of system logs.

Which manifest is selected by default during the export system log wizard?

A. Userworld

B. Hostworld

C. PerformanceSnapshot

D. HungVM

Answer: A

Q177. A large aerospace company utilizes a mission critical application requiring a large database server with 16 vCPUs and 500GB of RAM. Because of the critical nature of the application, the company also wants to leverage Reliable Memory Technology.

What is the minimum edition of vSphere that will support this scenario?

A. vSphere Standard Edition

B. vSphere with Operations Management Standard Edition

C. vSphere Enterprise Edition

D. vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Edition

Answer: C

Q178. A vSphere administrator has created a vSphere Standard Switch with one virtual machine port group and one physical uplink. The administrator needs to ensure that the virtual machines on this port group can communicate only with each other.

What should the administrator do?

A. Remove the physical uplink from the vSphere Standard Switch

B. Create a Private VLAN and apply it to the virtual machine port group on the vSphere Standard Switch

C. Enable Port Security on the vSphere Standard Switch

D. Enable the Fenced setting on the virtual machine port group

Answer: A

Q179. The administrator has deployed a third-party virtual appliance in the organization's vSphere environment and needs to use Update Manager to maintain the third-party appliance.

How should the administrator accomplish this task with the least administrative effort?

A. Add a new Download Source to Update Manager to obtain updates from the third party

B. Manually download the third-party updates to Update Manager, which will then apply them to the appliance

C. Obtain an update tool from the third party and use it to manage updates to the appliance

D. Identify the third-party appliance from the supported list within Update Manager

Answer: A

Q180. While testing a Fault Tolerance setup on a virtual machine, a system administrator notices that the DRS automation level of the virtual machine has been automatically set to Disabled.

The administrator needs to enable DRS to migrate the Fault Tolerance virtual machine to balance the cluster's CPU and memory loads.

What should the administrator do?

A. Enable Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) in the vSphere cluster.

B. Move the virtual machine to a VMFS 5 datastore built on shared storage.

C. Manually change the DRS automation level of the virtual machine to Enabled.

D. Move the secondary virtual machine to a host with a Fault Tolerance VMkernel port.

Answer: A

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