117-102 testing material(161 to 170) for client: Jul 2021 Edition

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2021 Jul 117-102 book

Q161. You want to make the directory /local available via NFS. Everything works fine, but on the client machine, the super user is unable to read any files on the NFS-mounted file system. Why?

A. The NFS protocol does not allow this.

B. The super user has different user IDs on the client and the server machine.

C. The client, when mounting the NFS filesystem, must specify the option trusted.

D. The exports entry on the server machine does not include the option no_root_squash.

Answer: D

Q162. The very first line of a shell script should always contain what two characters at the beginning of the line?

A. #!

Answer: A

Q163. Which of the following lines would you find in the file/etc/resolv.conf?

A. order hosts,bind

B. dns-server

C. hosts: files,dns

D. domain mycompany.com

Answer: D

Q164. The directory /usr/share/doc/ contains:

A. HTML versions of man pages

B. Man pages for installed packages

C. Programs for reading documentation

D. User-created documentation about the system

E. Supplemental information about installed packages

Answer: E

Q165. What can you do to recover a lost passphrase for a DSA or RSA authentication key?

A. Run the ssh-keygen Command

B. Run the ssh --recover command

C. A lost passphrase cannot be recovered

D. Decrypt the authentication key with gpg

E. Decrypt the authentication key with ssh --decrypt

Answer: C

117-102 exam question

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Q166. Which IP protocol is connectionless and unreliable?


Answer: A

Q167. Which of the following protocols uses two different network ports?



C. Rsh


E. Telnet

Answer: B

Q168. What are reverse DNS entries used for?

A. Reverse DNS enable diagnostic commands like traceroute to work.

B. Reverse DNS gives you information about the owner of the DNS entry.

C. Reverse DNS provides the hostname for a particular numeric IP address.

D. Reverse DNS provides geographical information about the DNS net location.

Answer: C

Q169. Which backup method will require the minimum tapes to restore?

A. Full

B. Incremental

C. Differential

D. Copy

E. DirTree

Answer: A

Q170. What are the addresses falling into the range of through

A. Class C network

B. Class B network

C. This is an experimental address range

D. This is a broadcast range

Answer: C

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