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2021 Jul 117-102 actual exam

Q11. Which of the following correctly describe a Micro-kernel Architecture?

A. it has an extremely small core.

B. only its small core remains in memory at all times.

C. its device drivers are loaded as-needed.

D. None of the choices

Answer: ABC

Q12. In what file are the mail aliases kept for Sendmail? (Provide the complete path)

A. /etc/aliases

B. /etc/mailaliases

C. /etc/sendmail.aliases

D. /etc/sendmail/aliases

E. /var/spool/mail/aliases

Answer: A

Q13. Your FTP server has been under attack, and the ISP of the attacker has been less than helpful in mitigating the attacks. So you decide that all connections from that ISP ( to your FTP server will be denied and sent a message. Which line in your /etc/hosts.allow will have the desired effect?

A. in.ftpd : : twist 450 denied due to numerous attacks from this domain

B. ftp : : DENIED message 450 denied due to numerous attacks from this domain

C. in.ftpd : : spawn echo 450 denied due to numerous attacks from this domain

D. ftp : : DENIED due to numerous attacks from this domain

Answer: A

Q14. In the output of iptables -L -n is the line ACCEPT all - - listed under the INPUT chain. 

What does this line mean?

A. That all traffic from to is explicitly allowed

B. TCP traffic to with all of the TCP flags is allowed

C. All traffic from to anywhere is allowed

D. The ACCEPT chain is responsible for all traffic from to

Answer: C

Q15. You have just recompiled a new kernel and rebooted your system with the new kernel. Unfortunately you are getting "Can't locate module" error messages. Which of the following is most likely to be the source of the problem?

A. You copied the modules to the wrong directory.

B. You did not configure modular support into the kernel.

C. You did not run depmod after installing the modules.

D. You did not install the modules.

Answer: B

117-102 exam question

Down to date 117-102 test question:

Q16. You have modified user bob's login information. 

In the passwd file, you changed /bin/bash to /bin/false. 

What effect will this have on user bob?

A. Bob's account will run the false utility

B. This will not effect Bob's account

C. This will change the user's UID

D. This will suspend Bob's interactive login

Answer: D

Q17. What word is missing from the following SQL statement?

select count(*) _________ table name;

A. from

Answer: A

Q18. After rebooting a machine with a recompiled new kernel and its modules a lot of "Can't locate module" errors appear on screen. Which of the following is most likely to be the source of the problem?

A. make modules_install wasn't executed.

B. make modules install wasn't executed.

C. The kernel wasn't configured to use modules.

D. This kernel version does not support modules.

E. depmod wasn't run before rebooting.

Answer: A

Q19. A file exists on a server, but has no content. Users cannot submit jobs to an attached printer. Choose the correct file that must be edited to fix this problem.

A. /etc/hosts

B. /etc/hosts.allow

C. /etc/host.deny

D. /etc/hosts.lpd

E. /var/spool/hosts.lpd

Answer: D

Q20. Which of the following files should you edit to change this?

A. .editor

B. .bashrc

C. .bash_rc

D. ~/bash.conf

Answer: B

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