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Q51. Users report that an internal file server is inaccessible. Of the following commands, which would be the MOST useful in determining network-layer connectivity? 

A. dig 

B. nbtstat 

C. netstat 

D. ping 

Answer: D 

Q52. Which of the following remote access types requires a certificate for connectivity? 





Answer: A 

Q53. Which of the following is the only standard that can operate at either frequency? 

A. 802.11a 

B. 802.11b 

C. 802.11g 

D. 802.11n 

Answer: D 

Q54. Which of the following describes a single computer that is setup specifically to lure hackers into revealing their methods, and preventing real attacks on the production network? 

A. Evil twin 

B. Honeypot 


D. Honeynet 

Answer: B 


Under each network device, drag and drop the associated broadcast and/or collison description. Objects may be used multiple times, as needed. 


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Q56. All users on a specific network segment report losing access to the wired network. During troubleshooting, the network administrator observes link lights on the workstations. When physically reviewing each switch, the network administrator changes the switch view settings to Activity and sees that all port lights remain solid green. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this issue? 

A. STP convergence 

B. Power failure 

C. Excessive bandwidth usage 

D. Broadcast storm 

Answer: D 

Q57. Which of the following is the control when observing network bandwidth patterns over time? 

A. Network log 

B. Baseline 

C. Flow data 

D. Interface statistics 

Answer: B 

Q58. Which of the following is the Telco end of a T1 demarc? 

A. Smart jack 

B. Network tap 

C. Proxy server 


Answer: A 

Q59. Which of the following records allows for reverse DNS lookups? 


B. A 



Answer: C 

Q60. A company wants an administrator to perform a vulnerability test. The administrator finds the company has a POTS phone system. Which of the following can the administrator use 

to point out the phone system vulnerability? 

A. Honeypot 

B. Butt set 

C. Spyware 

D. Blue jacking 

Answer: B 

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