Shortcuts To 117-300(21 to 30)

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Q21. Which of the following Linux commands can be used to log into a remote Microsoft Windows server using RDP?

A. rlogin

B. rdesktop

C. ssh

D. Xnest

E. rpcdesktop

Answer: B


The command _____ -x foo will delete the user foo from the Samba database. (Specify the command only, no path information.)

Answer: pdbedit, smbpasswd


Enter the FOUR parameters (in the correct order) to be set in the name resolve order directive to use the following name resolution order? (Enter only the parameter names with space between them)

1. Use lmhosts file entries

1. 2. Use a server specified in the 'wins server' directive

3. Use broadcast

4. Use default DNS lookup

Answer: lmhosts wins bcast host

Q24. By default Samba tries to recognize correct charsets between server and client. Which parameters can be used in smb.conf to set them manually? (Choose TWO correct answers)

A. unix charset

B. display charset

C. dos charset

D. windows charset

E. unicode

Answer: A,C

Q25. Which command typed on a Samba server will print out the local SID?

A. net get sid localhost

B. net getlocalsid

C. net getsid

D. net rpc get localsid

Answer: B

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Q26. Which parameter in the smb.conf defines how long the winbind daemon will cache user and group information?

A. winbind cache time

B. idmap cache time

C. cache time

D. nscd cache time

Answer: A

Q27. After modifying the indexes for a database in slapd.conf and running slapindex, the slapd daemon refuses to start when its init script is called. What is the most likely cause of this?

A. The indexes are not compatible with the init script.

B. The init script cannot be run after executing slapindex, without first signing the indexes with slapsign.

C. The init script has identified one or more invalid indexes.

D. The init script is starting slapd as an ordinary user, and the index files are owned by root.

Answer: D

Q28. Which of the following commands sets up Samba 4 as an Active Domain Directory Controller for a new domain?

A. samldap-domainadd

B. net ads prepare domain

C. smbcontrol dcpromo

D. samba-tool domain provision

Answer: D

Q29. Select which groups must map to UNIX GIDs on a Samba server operating as a PDC. (Select TWO correct answers.)

A. Domain Root

B. Domain Users

C. Domain Guests

D. Domain Controllers

E. Domain Operators

Answer: B,C

Q30. Which of the following commands add a forward DNS record named fileserver01 pointing to the IPv6 address 2001:db8: :190 into the DNS zone samba.private on the Samba 4 server dc1?

A. net dns -S dc1 -U Administrator addrecord fileserver01.samba.private AAAA 2001:db8::190

B. samba-tool dns add dc1 samba.private fileserver01 AAAA 2001:db8: :190 -U Administrator

C. samba-dns dynupdate -S dc1 -U Administrator -h fileserver01.samba.private -t AAAA -V 2001:db8: :190

D. nsupdatesmb -U Administrator //dc1/samba.private/fileserver01 add AAAA 2001:db8::190

Answer: B

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