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Which port must be open in a firewall to allow access to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server running on the standard port?

Answer: 3389

Q52. Which of the following daemons are included in Samba 3? (Select THREE correct answers.)

A. wind

B. nmbd

C. winbindd

D. samba

E. smbd

Answer: B,C,E

Q53. Which option is used when running smbclient with a file containing user credentials?

A. -F

B. -c

C. -s

D. -A

Answer: D

Q54. What is true about the Samba configuration options create mask?

A. Each permission bit that is set (1) in create mask cannot be set on a file created by Samba even if the client requests it to be set.

B. Each permission bit that is cleared (0) in create mask is only set on a file created by Samba if the client explicitly sets the bit.

C. Each permission bit that is set (1) in create mask is always set on a file created by Samba regardless of the permissions set by the client.

D. Each permission bit that is cleared (0) in create mask is always cleared on a file created by Samba even if the client explicit sets the bit.

Answer: D

Q55. Which port in TCP/IP communication is used for Kerberos v5?

A. 888

B. 86

C. 88

D. 90

Answer: C

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Q56. When integrating Samba and OpenLDAP, what schema needs to be included in the OpenLDAP slapd.conf?

A. samba.schema

B. windows.schema

C. java.schema

D. microsoft.schema

E. nis.schema

Answer: A

Q57. After installing a network with one Samba server and several clients, users are complaining that they receive an Unable to browse the network error when trying to visit a public share. What is the most likely cause of this?

A. The user entered the wrong username and/or password.

B. The nmbd process is not running on the Samba server.

C. The user hasn't mapped the share to a local drive letter yet.

D. The Samba server is not configured as a Domain Master Browser.

Answer: B

Q58. Which of the following steps are performed by the command samba-tool domain provision? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Samba is configured to serve as an Active Directory Domain Controller, including creation of smb.conf in case it does not exist.

B. In case the full Samba suite is not yet installed, it is downloaded, compiled and installed.

C. A basic user database with the accounts required in an Active Directory is provisioned.

D. The command scans the local subnets and adds machine accounts for all discovered machines.

E. All users found in the local unix password database are automatically converted into Active Directory user accounts.

Answer: A,C

Q59. What is the correct command to regenerate slapd indices based upon the current contents of the database?

A. slapd index

B. sindexd

C. slapindex

D. There is no index command, indexing is handled by the slapd daemon.

Answer: C

Q60. Which type of files will be stored inside the directory specified below?

# smbd -b |grep LOCKDIR LOCKDIR:/var/cache/samba

A. Configuration files

B. TDB files

C. WINS name cache files

D. Samba print spool files

Answer: B

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