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Q61. It is found that changes made to an OpenLDAP directory are no longer being replicated to the slave server at Tests prove that the slave server is listening on the correct port and changes are being recorded properly to the replication log file. In which file would you find the replication errors?

A. replication.err

B. replication.rej



Answer: C

Q62. The log level parameter in smb.conf should normally not be set higher than 2 becausE.

A. credentials supplied by the user are logged, which poses a security risk.

B. the increased verbosity has a negative impact on network bandwidth.

C. most Samba administrators cannot understand the information presented at higher log levels.

D. the server flushes the log file after each operation, which affects overall performance.

Answer: D

Q63. Which of the following are correct values for boolean parameters in smb.conf? (Select THREE correct answers.)

A. 1

B. true

C. not

D. no

E. y

Answer: A,B,D


The parameter in smb.conf limits the maximum number of jobs allowed in a Samba printer queue at any given moment.

Answer: max print jobs

Q65. On Microsoft Windows systems, ACLs on the share are set using tools like the Explorer. For example, in Windows 7, right-click on the shared folder, then select Sharing, then click on Permissions. What Windows group, by default, has full control of the share?

A. Everyone

B. Guests

C. Authenticated Local Users

D. Samba Share Service

Answer: A

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Q66. Which of the following options must be set in smb.conf in order to configure Samba as Active Directory Domain Controller?

A. active directory logons = yes

B. security = addc

C. server role = active directory domain controller

D. ad server mode = domain controller

Answer: C


Below is an ACL entry from a slapd.conf file. Fill in the access control level setting to prevent users from retrieving passwords.

access to attrs=lmPassword,ntPasswordby dn="cn=smbadmin,dc=samplenet" writeby * _____

Answer: none

Q68. Which of the following sub-commands are available for samba-tool dns? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. disable

B. dump

C. query

D. add

E. reverselookup

Answer: C,D

Q69. How can the risk of UID/GID inconsistencies be avoided across UNIX/Linux systems that are sharing information over protocols other than SMB/CIFS (eg:NFS)?

A. Specify a common OpenLDAP idmap backend in smb.conf.

B. Specify a common Kerberos realm in smb.conf.

C. Specify a common domain name in smb.conf.

D. Specify a common password server in smb.conf.

E. Specify a common winbind ID range in smb.conf.

Answer: A

Q70. Which parameter must be set in the [global] section of smb.conf in order to make Samba use printers managed by CUPS?

A. printing = cups

B. printcap = cups

C. printcap = /etc/cups/printers.conf

D. print spooler = cups

Answer:: B

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