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2021 Sep 156-215.75 free exam questions

Q181. How does the Get Address button, found on the Host Node Object > General Properties page retrieve the address? 

A. Route Table 

B. SNMP Get 

C. Address resolution (ARP. RARP) 

D. Name resolution (hosts file, DNS, cache) 

Answer: D 

Q182. Which port must be allowed to pass through enforcement points in order to allow packet logging to operate correctly? 

A. 514 

B. 256 

C. 257 

D. 258 

Answer: C 

Q183. How many packets does the IKE exchange use for Phase 1 Main Mode? 

A. 6 

B. 1 

C. 3 

D. 12 

Answer: A 

Q184. Which of the following uses the same key to decrypt as it does to encrypt? 

A. Asymmetric encryption 

B. Symmetric encryption 

C. Certificate-based encryption 

D. Dynamic encryption 

Answer: A 

Q185. Which utility is necessary for reestablishing SIC? 

A. fwm sic_reset 

B. cpconfig 

C. cplic 

D. sysconfig 

Answer: B 

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Up to the immediate present 156-215.75 free practice questions:

Q186. Match each of the following command to their correct function. Each command has one function only listed. 

A. C1>F2; C2>F1; C3>F6; C4>F4 

B. C1>F6; C2>F4; C3>F2; C4>F5 

C. C1>F2; C4>F4; C3>F1; C4>F5 

D. C1>F4; C2>F6, C3>F3; C4>F2 

Answer: B 

Q187. You have two rules, ten users, and two user groups in a Security Policy. You create database version 1 for this configuration. You then delete two existing users and add a new user group. You modify one rule and add two new rules to the Rule Base. You save the Security Policy and create database version 2. After awhile, you decide to roll back to version 1 to use the Rule Base, but you want to keep your user database. How can you do this? 

A. Run fwm_dbexport to export the user database. Select restore the entire database in the Database Revision screen. Then, run fwm_dbimport. 

B. Restore the entire database, except the user database, and then create the new user and user group. 

C. Restore the entire database, except the user database. 

D. Run fwm dbexport -l filename. Restore the database. Then, run fwm dbimport -l filename to import the users. 

Answer: C 

Q188. The customer has a small Check Point installation which includes one Windows XP workstation as the SmartConsole, one Solaris server working as Security Management Server, and a third server running SecurePlatform as Security Gateway. This is an example of a(n): 

A. Stand-Alone Installation. 

B. Unsupported configuration 

C. Distributed Installation. 

D. Hybrid Installation. 

Answer: C 

Q189. Why are certificates preferred over pre-shared keys in an IPsec VPN? 

A. Weak scalability: PSKs need to be set on each and every Gateway 

B. Weak performance: PSK takes more time to encrypt than Drffie-Hellman 

C. Weak security: PSKs can only have 112 bit length. 

D. Weak Security: PSK are static and can be brute-forced. 

Answer: D 

Q190. The command fw fetch causes the: 

A. Security Management Server to retrieve the IP addresses of the target Security Gateway. 

B. Security Gateway to retrieve the compiled policy and inspect code from the Security Management Server and install it to the kernel. 

C. Security Gateway to retrieve the user database information from the tables on the Security Management Server 

D. Security Management Server to retrieve the debug logs of the target Security Gateway 

Answer: B 

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