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2021 Oct 156-215.75 exams

Q331. Using the output below, what type of VPN Community is configured for fw-stlouis? 

A. Traditional 

B. Domain-Based 

C. Meshed 

D. Star 

Answer: C 

Q332. How many packets are required for IKE Phase 2? 

A. 2 

B. 12 

C. 6 

D. 3 

Answer: D 

Q333. What happens when you select File > Export from the SmartView Tracker menu? 

A. Logs in fw.log are exported to a file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel. 

B. Exported log entries are not viewable in SmartView Tracker. 

C. Current logs are exported to a new *.log file. 

D. Exported log entries are deleted from fw.log. 

Answer: A 

Q334. Which of the following provides confidentiality services for data and messages in a Check Point VPN? 

A. Cryptographic checksums 

B. Digital signatures 

C. Asymmetric Encryption 

D. Symmetric Encryption 

Answer: D 

Q335. Which command would provide the most comprehensive diagnostic information to Check Point Technical Support? 

A. diag 

B. cpinfo -o date.cpinfo.txt 

C. netstat > date.netstat.txt 

D. cpstat > date.cpatat.txt 

Answer: B 

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Up to date 156-215.75 exam:

Q336. Your bank's distributed R75 installation has Security Gateways up for renewal. Which SmartConsole application will tell you which Security Gateways have licenses that will expire within the next 30 days? 

A. SmartView Tracker 

B. Smart Portal 

C. SmartUpdate 

D. SmartDashboard 

Answer: A 

Q337. For which protocol is anti-virus not available? 





Answer: C 

Q338. If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check? 

A. Domain name resolution 

B. Overlapping VPN Domains 

C. Secure Internal Communications (SIC) 

D. Connectivity between the R75 Gateway and LDAP server 

Answer: D 

Q339. Which of the following is an authentication method used by Identity Awareness? 





Answer: D 

Q340. What gives administrators more flexibility when configuring Captive Portal instead of LDAP query for Identity Awareness authentication? 

A. Captive Portal is more secure than standard LDAP 

B. Captive Portal is more transparent to the user 

C. Nothing, LDAP query is required when configuring Captive Portal 

D. Captive Portal works with both configured users and guests 

Answer: D 

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