How to pass Check Point 156-315.75 Real Exam in 24 Hours [exam guide 361-370]

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2021 Jun 156-315.75 braindumps

Q361. The User Directory Software Blade is used to integrate which of the following with a R75 Security Gateway? 

A. LDAP server 

B. RADIUS server 

C. Account Management Client server 

D. UserAuthority server 

Answer: A 

Q362. You start the configuration of SmartWorkflow. SmartWorkflow is enabled, but you are not able to select Open New Session because it is greyed out. 

What must be done to open a new session? Choose the BEST answer. 

A. Sessions in the Manage menu of SmartDashboard must be selected and enabled. 

B. The use of sessions must be enabled by the CLI command: SWF_session start. 

C. A rule which allows the SmartWorkflow traffic must be placed on the top of the Rule Base. 

D. The Work with sessions in Global Properties must be set. 

Answer: D 

Q363. You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an HTTP rule with a weight of 40, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. If the only traffic passing through your QoS Module is HTTP traffic, what percent of bandwidth will be allocated to the HTTP traffic? 

A. 80% 

B. 40% 

C. 100% 

D. 50% 

Answer: D 

Q364. You are preparing to configure your VoIP Domain Gatekeeper object. Which two other objects should you have created first? 

A. An object to represent the IP phone network, AND an object to represent the host on which the proxy is installed 

B. An object to represent the PSTN phone network, AND an object to represent the IP phone network 

C. An object to represent the IP phone network, AND an object to represent the host on which the gatekeeper is installed 

D. An object to represent the Q.931 service origination host, AND an object to represent the H.245 termination host 

E. An object to represent the call manager, AND an object to represent the host on which the transmission router is installed 

Answer: C 

Q365. Which version is the minimum requirement for SmartProvisioning? 

A. R65 HFA 40 

B. R70 

C. R71 

D. R70.20 

Answer: A 

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Q366. A Security Administrator opens a new session, makes changes to the policy and submits the session for approval. The Security Manager may approve the session or request repair. If a manager opens a new session and submits it for approval, can he approve his session as a Security Manager? 

A. It depends on the SmartWorkflow settings in Global Properties. 

B. Yes, he can always approve his own session. 

C. No, he can never approve his own session. 

D. It depends on the type of changes made in the session. 

Answer: A 

Q367. What are the SmartProvisioning Provisioning Profile indicators? 

A. OK, Needs Attention, Uninitialized, Unknown 

B. OK, Needs Attention, Agent is in local mode, Uninitialized, Unknown 

C. OK, Waiting, Unknown, Not Installed, Not Updated, May be out of date 

D. OK, In Use. Out of date, not used 

Answer: B 

Q368. A VPN Tunnel Interface (VTI) is defined on SecurePlatform Pro as: 

vpn shell interface add numbered madrid.cp 

What do you know about this VTI? 

A. is the local Gateway's internal interface, and is the internal interface of the remote Gateway. 

B. The peer Security Gateway's name is madrid.cp. 

C. The VTI name is madrid.cp. 

D. The local Gateway's object name is madrid.cp. 

Answer: B 

Q369. You are reviewing computer information collected in ClientInfo. You can NOT: 

A. Enter new credential for accessing the computer information. 

B. Save the information in the active tab to an .exe file. 

C. Copy the contents of the selected cells. 

D. Run search using the contents of the selected cell. 

Answer: B 

Q370. After you add new interfaces to a cluster, how can you check if the new interfaces and the associated virtual IP address are recognized by ClusterXL? 

A. By running the command cphaprob state on both members 

B. By running the command cpconfig on both members 

C. By running the command cphaprob -I list on both members 

D. By running the command cphaprob -a if on both members 

Answer: D 

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