Aug 2021 updated: Testking Check Point 156-315.75 practice exam 371-380

Exam Code: 156-315.75 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R75 Certification Exam
Certification Provider: Check Point
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2021 Aug 156-315.75 practice test

Q371. Which application is used to create a File-Share Application? 

A. SmartDashboard (SSL VPN Tab) 

B. SmartPortal WebUI (File-Share Tab) 

C. SSL VPN Portal WebUI (File-Share Tab) 

D. Provider-1 MDG (Global VPNs Tab) 

Answer: A 

Q372. What could be a reason why synchronization between primary and secondary Security Management Servers does not occur? 

A. You did not activate synchronization within Global Properties. 

B. You are using different time zones. 

C. You have installed both Security Management Servers on different server systems (e. g. one machine on HP hardware and the other one on DELL). 

D. If the set of installed products differ from each other, the Security Management Servers do not synchronize the database to each other. 

Answer: D 

Q373. A customer is calling saying one member's status is Down. What will you check? 

A. cphaprob list (verify what critical device is down) 

B. fw ctl pstat (check sync) 

C. fw ctl debug -m cluster + forward (forwarding layer debug) 

D. tcpdump/snoop (CCP traffic) 

Answer: A 

Q374. In the following command, 

LSMcli [-d] <server> <user> <pswd> <action> "server" 

should be replaced with: 

A. Hostname of ROBO gateway 

B. Hostname DAIP device 

C. IP address of the Security Management server 

D. GUIclient 

Answer: C 

Q375. A customer calls saying that a Load Sharing cluster shows drops with the error First packet is not SYN. Complete the following sentence. I will recommend: 

A. turning on SDF (Sticky Decision Function) 

B. turning off SDF (Sticky Decision Function) 

C. changing the load on each member 

D. configuring flush and ack 

Answer: A 

156-315.75 exam answers

Most recent 156-315.75 question:

Q376. You must set up SIP with a proxy for your network. IP phones are in the network. The Registrar and proxy are installed on host To allow handover enforcement for outbound calls from SIP-net to network Net_B on the Internet, you have defined the following objects: 

Network object: SIP-net: 


VoIP Domain object: VolP_domain_A 

1. EnD. point domain: SIP-net 

2.VoIP gateway installed at: SIP-gateway host object 

How would you configure the rule? 

A. SIP- G ateway/N et_B/s i p_a ny/a c c e pt 

B. VolP_domain_A/Net_B/sip/accept 

C. SIP-Gateway/Net_B/sip/accept 

D. VolP_domain_A/Net_B/sip_any, and sip/accept 

E. VolP_Gateway_MJet_B/sip_any/accept 

Answer: B 

Q377. Which of the following SSL Network Extender server-side prerequisites are correct? Select all that apply. 

A. The VPN1-Gateway must be configured to work with Visitor Mode 

B. The specific VPN-1 Security Gateway must be configured as a member of the VPN-1 Remote Access Community. 

C. There are distinctly separate access rules required for SecureClient users vs. SSL Network Extender users. 

D. To use Integrity Clientless Security (ICS), you must install the ICS server or configuration tool. 

Answer: ABD 

Q378. The relay mail server configured under Email Notifications is used by the DLP Gateway to: (Choose the BEST answer.) 

A. If UserCheck is configured, there is no need to configure this relay server if there are no Ask User rules and there is no need to notify any Data Owners. 

B. Send e-mail notifications to users and Data Owners. 

C. Define My Organization / DLP Gateway and scan only e-mails that originate from this relay server. 

D. Synchronize with other mail servers in the network. 

Answer: B 

Q379. Which of the following commands shows full synchronization status? 

A. fw hastat 

B. cphaprob -i list 

C. cphaprob -a if 

D. fw ctl iflist 

Answer: B 

Q380. What is the advantage for deploying SSL VPN in a DMZ, versus a LAN? 

A. SSL VPN adds another layer of access security to internal resources, when it resides in a DMZ. 

B. SSL Network Extender is ineffective in a LAN deployment. 

C. Traffic is in clear text when forwarded to internal servers, but the back connection is encrypted for remote users 

D. Traffic is authenticated without hiding behind Connectra's IP address 

Answer: A 

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