[May 2021] 350-080 review

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2021 May 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q251. Dynamic ARP inspection ensures that only valid ARP requests and responses are relayed. Which three activities does a Cisco NX-OS device perform when DAI is enabled and properly configured? (Choose three.)

A. Verifies that each of these intercepted packets has a valid IP -to-MAC address binding based only on DHCP snooping binding database.

B. Verifies that each of these intercepted packets has a valid IP -to-MAC address binding based only on DHCP snooping binding database or statically created entries.

C. Intercepts ARP request and responses on all ports.

D. Pass-through an invalid ARP packets.

E. Drops invalid ARP packets.

F. Intercepts ARP request and responses only on untrusted ports.

Answer: B,E,F

Q252. Which three statements about FabricPath are true? (Choose three.)

A. Only FabricPath VLANs can cross a FabricPath domain.

B. A vPC+ peer link can be formed out of F1 or F2 ports only.

C. With FabricPath, vPC must be changed to vPC+.

D. F1 ports must be placed into a separate VDCs.

E. A vPC+ peer link can be formed out of F2 ports only.

Answer: A,B,C

Q253. On a Cisco UCS B250 M2 server that is fully populated with 1333-MHz memory and an E5640 CPU, what is the fastest speed the memory can run at?

A. 800 MHz

B. 900 MHz

C. 1066 MHz

D. 1333 MHz

E. 1666 MHz

Answer: C

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Q254. In a configuration with redundant supervisors, how many IP addresses are required to configure full remote access via management 0?

A. Two IP addresses, one for each supervisor

B. Three IP addresses, one virtual IP and one physical IP for each supervisor

C. One IP address that is shared among supervisors

D. None—management 0 will use the IP address from the first SVI that is created

Answer: C

Q255. Which statement describes the graceful restart capability in Cisco NX-OS Software?

A. In NX-OS Software, the OSPFv2 graceful restart extension is Cisco proprietary and is only compatible with other Cisco routers.

B. A graceful restart allows OSPFv2 to remain in the data forwarding path through a process restart. When OSPFv2 needs to restart, it first sends a type 8 LSA, which includes a grace period that tells NSF helpers to keep all LSAs that originated from the restarting interface.

C. Graceful restart helps keep an NX-OS system forwarding traffic transparently even if it experiences a cold reboot.

D. If the restarting OSPFv2 interface does not come back up before the end of the grace period, or if the network experiences a topology change, the OSPFv2 neighbors tear down adjacency with the restarting OSPFv2 interface and treat it as a normal OSPFv2 restart.

E. OSPFv3 graceful restart must be disabled before doing an ISSU.

Answer: D

Q256. Refer to the exhibit.


Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

A. No server ports are configured.

B. Four port channels are configured and they all are up.

C. One port is not configured.

D. No uplink ports are configured.

E. Two appliance ports are configured.

Answer: B,C

350-080  test

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Q257. In a FabricPath topology, each device is identified by a switch ID, and all Layer 2 forwarding tables are built based on the reachability of the switch ID. Which protocol is used to assign the switch ID?

A. No protocol is used. The switch ID is always assigned manually.

B. The Dynamic Resource Allocation Protocol is used to assign the switch ID.

C. The Switch ID Assignment Protocol is used to assign the switch ID.

D. The switch ID is assigned based on the system ID of the device.

Answer: B

Q258. When using VSD, traffic flow goes from the virtual machine to which of these?

A. Upstream switch

B. Virtual Supervisor Module

C. VMware distributed switch

D. VMware vSwitch

E. Service virtual machine

Answer: E

Q259. Which three statements about the Cisco Fibre Channel Domain feature are true? (Choose three.)

A. The domains are configured on a switch wide basis.

B. It functions as described in the FC-E standards.

C. It is responsible for fabric reconfiguration.

D. It is responsible for domain ID distribution.

E. It acts as relay agent for the FC ID allocations that are distributed by the Fibre Channel Time Server(ff.ff.fb).

F. It is responsible for principal switch selection.

Answer: C,D,F

Q260. What is the difference between the Ethanalyzer and the SPAN feature in Cisco NX-OS?

A. The Ethanalyzer captures control-plane traffic, while SPAN captures all traffic.

B. The Ethanalyzer captures all traffic including control-plane traffic, while SPAN captures only the control-plane traffic.

C. The Ethanalyzer captures only data traffic, while SPAN captures all traffic.

D. The Ethanalyzer captures only control traffic, while SPAN captures data traffic.

Answer: A

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