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2021 Oct 200-125 test question

Q21. - (Topic 2) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

Given the output shown from this Cisco Catalyst 2950, what is the reason that interface FastEthernet 0/10 is not the root port for VLAN 2? 

A. This switch has more than one interface connected to the root network segment in VLAN 2. 

B. This switch is running RSTP while the elected designated switch is running 802.1d Spanning Tree. 

C. This switch interface has a higher path cost to the root bridge than another in the topology. 

D. This switch has a lower bridge ID for VLAN 2 than the elected designated switch. 

Answer: C 

Q22. - (Topic 2) 

Based on the network shown in the graphic 

Which option contains both the potential networking problem and the protocol or setting that should be used to prevent the problem? 

A. routing loops, hold down timers 

B. switching loops, split horizon 

C. routing loops, split horizon 

D. switching loops, VTP 

E. routing loops, STP 

F. switching loops, STP 

Answer: F 

Q23. - (Topic 4) 

If IP routing is enabled, which two commands set the gateway of last resort to the default gateway? (Choose two.) 

A. ip default-gateway 

B. ip route 

C. ip default-network 

D. ip default-route 

E. ip route 

Answer: C,E 

Q24. DRAG DROP - (Topic 1) 


Q25. - (Topic 3) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

A new subnet with 60 hosts has been added to the network. Which subnet address should this network use to provide enough usable addresses while wasting the fewest addresses? 





Answer: C 

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Q26. - (Topic 8) 

At which layer of the OSI model does PPP perform? 

A. Layer 2 

B. Layer 3 

C. Layer 4 

D. Layer 5 

Answer: A 

Q27. - (Topic 5) 

What levels will be trapped if the administrator executes the command 

router(config)# logging trap 4 (Choose four) 

A. Emergency 

B. Notice 

C. Alert 

D. Error 

E. Warning 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q28. - (Topic 9) 

Which IPv6 header field is equivalent to the TTL? 

A. Hop Limit 

B. Flow Label 


D. Hop Count 

E. Scan Timer 

Answer: A 

Q29. - (Topic 9) 

Which NAT function can map multiple inside addresses to a single outside address? 






Answer: A 

Q30. - (Topic 1) 

Refer to exhibit: 

Which destination addresses will be used by Host A to send data to Host C? (Choose two.) 

A. the IP address of Switch 1 

B. the MAC address of Switch 1 

C. the IP address of Host C D. the MAC address of Host C 

E. the IP address of the router's E0 interface 

F. the MAC address of the router's E0 interface 

Answer: C,F 

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