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Which storage feature always requires the use of third-party software on ESXi?

  • A. Hardware Acceleration for NAS devices
  • B. VVOL
  • C. Hardware Acceleration for Block Devices
  • D. VM Storage Policies

Answer: A

Explanation: With NAS storage devices, the hardware acceleration integration is implemented through vendor-specific NAS plug-ins. These plug-ins are typically created by vendors and are distributed as VIB packages through a website. No claim rules are required for the NAS plug-ins to function.
Several tools for installing and upgrading VIB packages are available. They include the esxcli commands and vSphere Update Manager.

Option available to enable Encrypted vMotion. (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable
  • B. Opportunistic
  • C. Required
  • D. Default

Answer: BC

Which are three supported storage requirements for vCenter Server HA? (Choose three.)

  • A. NFS
  • B. RDM
  • C. vSAN
  • D. VMFS
  • E. JBOD

Answer: ACD

Explanation: vCenter HA is supported and tested with VMFS, NFS, and vSAN datastores.

How can a vSphere administrator ensure that a set of virtual machines run on different hosts in a DRS cluster?

  • A. Add the VMs to a vApp.
  • B. Use a VM-Host affinity rule.
  • C. Place the VMs in different folders.
  • D. Use a VM-VM affinity rule.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true foe NFS v4.1 firewall behavior? (Choose two.)

  • A. It closes port 2049.
  • B. It opens port 2049.
  • C. It sets allowedAll flag to TRUE.
  • D. It sets allowedAll flag to FALSE.

Answer: BC

Explanation: NFS v4.1 Firewall Behavior
When you mount the first NFS v4.1 datastore, ESXI enables the nfs41client rule set and sets its allowedAll flag to TRUE. This action opens port 2049 for all IP address. Unmounting an NFS v4.1 datastore does not affect the firewall state. That is, the first NFS v4.1 mount opens port 2049 and that port remains enabled unless you close it explicitly.
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Which statement is true regarding Network-Aware DRS?

  • A. Network-Aware DRS will perform load-balancing based on the communication of virtual machines with one another.
  • B. Network-Aware DRS is enabled through DRS advanced options.
  • C. Network-Aware DRS only generated suggested moves; administrators must go in and accept each Network-Aware DRS suggestion manually.
  • D. Network-Aware DRS will perform a final check during regular DRS load-balancing to ensure that the destination host is not network saturated.

Answer: D

A user is given the “Virtual machine user (sample)” role in a vSphere 6.x environment. Which three permissions would the user be able to perform? (Choose three.)

  • A. Reset a virtual machine.
  • B. Power on a virtual machine.
  • C. Move a host into a cluster.
  • D. Configure CD media.
  • E. Migrate a virtual machine with Storage vMotion.

Answer: ABD

Explanation: With virtual machine user sample role, you can reset a virtual machine, power on a VM, and configure CD media. All other roles are for the administrator to perform.

Which three options are available for remediation with Proactive HA? (Choose three.)

  • A. Quarantine mode for moderate and Power off for severe failure.
  • B. Quarantine mode for all failures.
  • C. Power off for all failures.
  • D. Quarantine mode for moderate and Maintenance mode for severe failure.
  • E. Maintenance mode for all failures.

Answer: BDE

2V0-622D dumps exhibit
Examine the LUN properties that are shown in the exhibit. Which action should be taken to utilize all active paths?

  • A. Change PSP to Most Recently Used
  • B. No action require
  • C. All paths are already utilized.
  • D. Change PSP to Fixed.
  • E. Change PSP to Round Robin.

Answer: D

Explanation: The host uses an automatic path selection algorithm rotating through all active paths when connecting to
active-passive arrays, or through all available paths when connecting to active-active arrays. RR is the default for a number of arrays and can be used with both active-active and active-passive arrays to implement load balancing across paths for different LUNs.

Where would a vSphere administrator find general vCenter Server logs on a vCenter Server Appliance?

  • A. /var/log/vmware/vpxd/
  • B. /var/log/messages
  • C. /etc/vmware-vpx/
  • D. /var/log/vmware/vsan-health/

Answer: A

Explanation: The VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 logs are located in the /var/log/vmware/ folder. vpxd/vpxd.log –> The main vCenter Serverlog

What is the VMware-recommended best practice for Fibre Channel zoning?

  • A. single-initiator–single-target zoning
  • B. single-initiator-zoning
  • C. single-initiator–multiple-target zoning
  • D. soft zoning

Answer: A

Explanation: With ESXi hosts, use a single-initiator zoning or a single-initiator-single-target zoning. The latter is a preferred zoning practice. Using the more restrictive zoning prevents problems and misconfigurations that can occur on the SAN.

An administrator is attempting to access an ESXi host via the DCUI but is unable to do so. Which could be two possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The host in question has no out-of-band management capability (i.
  • B. iLO/iDRAC).
  • C. The SSH service is disabled on the host.
  • D. Strict lockdown mode is enabled on the host.
  • E. Normal lockdown mode is enabled and the administrator is a member of the Exception User list.
  • F. The DCUI service is disabled on the host.

Answer: CE

Which are two requirements for configuring vCenter HA? (Choose two)

  • A. A secondary NIC on the active node must be create and configured
  • B. A management and heartbeat network must be created and configured
  • C. A default gateway entry must be added for the cluster network
  • D. All components must be on the same subnet as the management network
  • E. The network IP addresses for the active, passive, and witness nodes must be static

Answer: BE

Which method is supported for backing up the virtual machine that contains vCenter Server?

  • A. incremental
  • B. individual disks
  • C. differential
  • D. full image

Answer: D

Boot from SAN is supported on which three storage technologies? (Choose three.)

  • A. iSCSI
  • B. NFS 4.1
  • C. FC
  • D. VMware vSAN
  • E. FCoE

Answer: ACE

An administrator has enabled vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check. The hosts connected to that Distributed Switch all display an alert:
vSphere Distributed Switch MTU supported status
The administrator has all of the VMkernel ports MTU sizes set to 1600. Which action will remedy this problem?

  • A. Configure the Distributed Switch to MTU 9100.
  • B. Disconnect and reconnect the physical network cable.
  • C. Configure the physical switch to MTU 1600.
  • D. Disable the Distributed Switch MTU.

Answer: C

What is the correct way to replace the certificate on an existing vCenter Server that is part of a vCenter HA configuration?

  • A. Put the vCenter HA in Maintenance mode, replace the certificate, exit Maintenance mode.
  • B. Shut down Passive and Witness nodes and replace the certificate on the Active node.
  • C. Remove the Passive and Witness nodes, replace the certificate, reconfigure the cluster.
  • D. Replace the certificate while all nodes are participating in the cluster.

Answer: C

Which two statements describe why a vSphere DRS cluster would report load imbalance? (Choose two.)

  • A. DRS is configured for Partially Automated.
  • B. The configured migration threshold is too low.
  • C. The configured migration threshold is too high.
  • D. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) is enabled.

Answer: AC


Which command can be run to troubleshoot connectivity problems with vmkernal network interfaces?

  • A. esxcli network
  • B. vicfg-vmknic
  • C. vmkping
  • D. net-stats

Answer: C

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