350-080 questions [May 2021]

Exam Code: 350-080 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Data Center Written Exam
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 May 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which EtherType is used to identify FIP?

A. 0x8906

B. 0x8915

C. 0x8905

D. 0x8914

Answer: D

Q42. Refer to the exhibit.

You have associated a newly created service profile to a blade. When you examine the configured boot order and actual boot order, they do not match. Which two statements describe reasons for this mismatch? (Choose two.)

A. Having a single iSCSI boot target would prevent the profile from associating, and would generate a configuration error.

B. The server must complete a POST cycle before Cisco UCS Manager will update this information.

C. The blade needs to be reacknowledged.

D. The server is in the process of a firmware upgrade.

E. There may be a configuration error in the service profile.

Answer: B,E

Q43. Given a Cisco Unified Computing System, which is a valid port type in end-host mode?

A. Server

B. End device

C. Node

D. Host

E. Virtual

Answer: A

350-080  pdf exam

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Q44. Refer to the exhibit.

You configured a port on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch as a trunk port. Which VLANs are allowed on the trunk port based on the port configuration in the exhibit?

A. No VLANs are allowed by default. Use the switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-4094 command to allow all VLANs.

B. Only Native VLAN 1 will be allowed.

C. VLANs 1 to 3967, and 4048 to 4094 are allowed.

D. VLANs 1 to 3900, and 4048 to 4094 are allowed.

E. VLANs 1 to 4094 are allowed.

Answer: C

Q45. Refer to the exhibit.

An ESX host is added to a distributed switch but is never seen as a module in VSM. Given below configuration from VSM, what is the cause of this issue? (Choose two.)

VSM# show svs domain

SVS domain config:

Domain iD. 111

Control vlan: 500

Packet vlan: 501

L2/L3 Control modE. L2

L3 control interfacE. NA

Status: Config push to VC successful.

A. Missing VLAN 500 on Switch1 trunk to Switch2

B. Missing VLAN 501 on Switch1 trunk to Switch 2

C. VLAN 500 is not created on Switch2

D. Interface VLAN 500 is missing on Switch1

E. Interface VLAN 501 is missing on Switch1

F. VLAN 111 is missing on all switches

Answer: A,C

Q46. Which two items have an impact on the maximum number of virtual interfaces that can be created on a

virtual interface card? (Choose two.)

A. number of blades in the chassis

B. number of acknowledged links between the Fabric Interconnect and the I/O module

C. number of connected uplinks

D. number of Fabric Interconnect port ASICs used by uplinks

E. number of Fabric Interconnects

F. number of VIC

Answer: B,D

350-080  pdf exam

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Q47. Regarding disk scrub, which two of these occur to the data on any local drives upon disassociation? (Choose two.)

A. If disk scrub is enabled, all BIOS settings for the server are erased.

B. If disk scrub is enabled, all the data access on any local drives is destroyed.

C. If disk scrub is enabled, the LSI active RAID is destroyed but data is still preserved.

D. If disk scrub is disabled, all data on any local drives is preserved, including the local storage configuration.

E. If disk scrub is enabled, all data on any local drives is preserved, including the local storage configuration.

Answer: B,D

Q48. DCNM device discovery is done by connecting to Cisco NX-OS devices and doing which three of these? (Choose three.)

A. Collecting the running configuration

B. Raising the logging level to meet the minimum requirement

C. Discovering all devices by default

D. Discovering devices using multiple user accounts as long as they are administrator-level accounts

E. Using LLDP to discover network adaptors

Answer: A,B,E

Q49. DCNM is capable of monitoring the network performance of a SAN. What are the three primary areas of this operation?

A. Analyze traffic, device management, and network monitoring

B. DCNM-SAN, DCNM-LAN, and device manager

C. Definition of flows, information collection, and data presentation

D. SNMP poll data, MIB analysis, and report generation

Answer: C

Q50. Which two statements about VDC configuration and limitations are true? (Choose two.)

A. Standard VDCs cannot share interfaces, VLANs, or VRF tables.

B. Any user can create VDCs.

C. Only the network administrator role can use the switchto vdc command.

D. After a network administrator uses the switchto vdc command, the network administrator becomes a VDC administrator for the new VDC.

E. There is no CLI command to return to the original VDC.

Answer: A,D

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