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What are the tasks of the Routing Table Manager (RTM)? Choose two

  • A. RTM selects the best route from among multiple routing protocol
  • B. RTM selects the best route using the metric as criteria
  • C. RTM sends its best route to all its directly connected neighbor
  • D. RTM installs its best route in the routing tabl

Answer: AD

Where would you expect to find a P router in a service provider's network? A. At the edge of the provider's network facing the customer.

  • A. At the edge of the customer's network facing the provide
  • B. In the core of the providers networ
  • C. On the customer premise

Answer: C

What is the effective maximum rate of data transmission on a 10 Mbps full-duplex Ethernet link?

  • A. 5 Mbp
  • B. 10 Mbp
  • C. 15 Mbp
  • D. 20 Mbp

Answer: D

How is Ethernet II different from Ethernet 802.3?

  • A. Ethernet 802.3 can only be used on point-to-point links, while Ethernet II can be used on broadcast network
  • B. In Ethernet II the 2 bytes after the source MAC address is used as a type indicato
  • C. In Ethernet 802.3 these two bytes indicate the length of the fram
  • D. In Ethernet 802.3, the 2 bytes after the source MAC address is used as a type indicato
  • E. In Ethernet II these two bytes indicate the length of the fram
  • F. Ethernet II and Ethernet 802.3 are two different names for the same protocol

Answer: B

Which of the following statements best describes ARPANET?

  • A. ARPANET was an early packet switched network initially connecting 4 sites (Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, and U of Utah).
  • B. The mission of ARPANET was to connect packet switched networks and other diverse networks,making an international network of network
  • C. ARPANET connected sites spread around the Hawaiian Islands to a central time-sharing computer on the University of Hawaii campu
  • D. ARPANET was based on the use of TCP/IP to interconnect diverse system

Answer: A

Which of the following statements best characterize Distance Vector Routing? (Choose 2)

  • A. Routers periodically send a copy of their routing table to their neighbor
  • B. Routers flood link information throughout the entire are
  • C. Network converges quickly (within several seconds) after a topology chang
  • D. Routers do not have precise knowledge of the entire network topolog

Answer: AD

Which of the following statements is FALSE when describing a Virtual Private LAN Service?

  • A. A VPLS emulates a virtual switch or bridg
  • B. The VPLS performs MAC learning on MAC addresses seen from SAPs and SDP
  • C. When a VPLS receives a frame with an unknown MAC destination, the frame will be droppe
  • D. MAC addresses are maintained in a MAC address forwarding database (FDB).

Answer: C

Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding IP-filters? (Choose 2)

  • A. IP-filters may be applied on interface ingress, egress, or bot
  • B. Multiple IP-filters can be applied in each directio
  • C. An IP-filter may only be applied to a single interface if the scope is set to templat
  • D. An IP-filter may have multiple match criteria per entr
  • E. The default-action of an IP-filter is always dro

Answer: AD

Which of the following best describes an Ethernet bridge?

  • A. A passive device simply used to connect two or more cable
  • B. Does not generate or amplify any signal
  • C. A device that receives and retransmits a signal out its other ports, but does not do any Layer 2 analysis of the dat
  • D. A device that receives a signal and based on the Layer 2 destination address, makes a decision on which ports the signal should be retransmitte
  • E. A device that receives a signal and based on the Layer 3 destination address, makes a decision on which ports the signal should be retransmitte

Answer: C

What happens next after an incoming packet is de-encapsulated from the Layer 2 frame in an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 router?

  • A. The IP datagram is encapsulated in the appropriate Layer 2 frame by the MD
  • B. The IP datagram passes through the switch fabric to reach the egress IO
  • C. The IP datagram is passed to the IO
  • D. A lookup is performed in the FIB to determine the egress interfac

Answer: C

Which of the following is an important advantage of protocol layering? (Choose two)

  • A. Controls distribution of IP addresse
  • B. Simplifies protocol functionalit
  • C. Isolates changes in lower layers from upper layer
  • D. Increases protocol operational efficiencie
  • E. Layering adds to the fragmentation of the data

Answer: CD

What is NOT a function ofthe IOM?

  • A. It forwards the data to the switch fabri
  • B. It discards excess data packet
  • C. It converts the incoming data to an internal forma
  • D. It performs Quality of Service operations and buffers incoming dat

Answer: C

How does the Transport Layer identify which application is to receive the data?

  • A. Using the IP address of the packe
  • B. Using the MAC address of the fram
  • C. Using port number
  • D. Using Connection Identifier Numbers (CIN).

Answer: C

The network is subnetted using a /26 mask. How many subnets and host addresses will you obtain with this mask?

  • A. 4 subnets, 64 hosts
  • B. 64 subnets, 4 hosts
  • C. 4 subnets, 62 hosts
  • D. 64 subnets, 2 hosts
  • E. 6 subnets, 30 hosts

Answer: C

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the development of the OSI Reference Model?

  • A. OSI was developed as an alternative, open standard to IBMs SNA mode
  • B. OSI protocols were no longer used after TCP/IP was develope
  • C. OSI model is much simpler than TCP/I
  • D. OSI model is maintained exclusively by the IET

Answer: A

Which of the following is a characteristic of the system address?

  • A. A physical interface addres
  • B. A logical address on the router not corresponding to any specific interfac
  • C. May have any prefix valu
  • D. A management IP addres

Answer: B

Which of the following are NOT examples of a VPN service offered on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR? Choose two.

  • A. VPWS Virtual Private Wire Service
  • B. VPLS Virtual Private LAN Servic
  • C. VPRN Virtual Private Routed Network
  • D. MLPPP Multi-link Point-to-Point protocol
  • E. VPDFS Virtual Private Dark Fiber Servic

Answer: DE

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