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2021 Jul what is jk0-017:

Q21. During which of the following process groups is the project charter developed? 

A. Pre-project setup 

B. Project execution 

C. Project planning 

D. Project control 

Answer: A 

Q22. Given the circumstances below, which of the following would be the BEST action for the project manager to take? 

1. One of the key stakeholders disagrees with the project. 

2. Two of the key staff members refuse to work with each other. 

3. The budget for the project has been reduced. 

4. The scope of the project has changed. 

A. The staff members who refuse to work together should be terminated so that the project can proceed on schedule. 

B. The project should be closed because the scope has changed. 

C. The project manager should work with the stakeholders to resolve the areas of disagreement. 

D. The project manager should fast track the schedule because the project budget was reduced. 

Answer: C 

Q23. Which of the following contract types places the LEAST amount of risk on the seller? 

A. Fixed-Price 

B. Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) 

C. Cost-Plus-Fee (CPF) 

D. Time and material 

Answer: D 

Q24. One of the team members assigned to a project is not performing well. The team member is new and is not experienced in the type of work involved with this project. Which of the following is the BEST response to this situation? 

A. Ask other team members to help. 

B. Assign the team member to another project. 

C. Talk to the team member to encourage better performance. 

D. Arrange for training for the team member. 

Answer: D 

Q25. Which of the following is the BEST reason to conduct a feasibility analysis? 

A. To ensure that risks are addressed during the project 

B. To authorize a project 

C. To gather technical data 

D. To assign team member roles 

Answer: B 

JK0-017 practice exam

Up to the immediate present jk0-017 vs pk0-003:

Q26. Which of the following is the BEST point for a project manager to join a project? 

A. Project initiation 

B. Project pre-planning 

C. Project planning 

D. Project executing 

Answer: B 

Q27. Which of the following is created using the work breakdown structure (WBS) as an input? 

A. Procurement management plan 

B. Vendor selection criteria 

C. Project scope statement 

D. Project charter 

Answer: A 

Q28. The project sponsor indicates that one of the key stakeholders is very unhappy with the project schedule. The other stakeholders are happy with the schedule. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the stakeholder is unhappy with the schedule? 

A. The stakeholder has unrealistic expectations. 

B. The project manager did not obtain buy-in from the stakeholder. 

C. The project manager did not discuss the schedule with the stakeholders. 

D. The project manager did not schedule the project team appropriately. 

Answer: B 

Q29. The EV of a particular project is $6 million. The CV is -$340,000. Which of the following can be determined from this information? 

A. The project costs are currently under-budget. 

B. The AC is less than the EV. 

C. The EV is higher than the AC. 

D. The project costs are currently over-budget. 

Answer: D 

Q30. The schedule estimates for a particular work package that is underway were not properly considered and the timescales are too tight. Which of the following methods should the project manager select to investigate? 


B. SPI and SV 


D. Issues log 

Answer: B 

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