jk0-017 exam (111 to 120)

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2021 May JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. Two SMEs disagree with the designed plan for a particular component. The project will be delayed if the plan is not approved today. The project manager demands the SMEs work together to incorporate their modifications by the close of business today. Which of the following resolution techniques was used? 

A. Negotiating 

B. Forcing 

C. Smoothing 

D. Compromise 

Answer: B 

Q112. Which of the following quality control tools illustrates the various factors that may be linked to potential problems or effects? 

A. Ishikawa diagram 

B. Histogram 

C. Run chart 

D. Scatter diagram 

Answer: A 

Q113. Which of the following shows a project that is presently over its financial budget? 

A. CPI = 1.4 

B. CPI = 0 

C. CV = +$11,000 

D. CPI = 0.8 

Answer: D 

JK0-017  free practice exam

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Q114. Several project team members are in conflict about the lighting in their office and the noise level. Which of the following describes this type of conflict? 

A. Forming 

B. Competing resource demands 

C. Varying work styles 

D. Expert judgment 

Answer: C 

Q115. A project sponsor has requested that the training be delivered in parallel to a project's implementation in order to ensure the project is delivered on schedule. If accepted, this request is an example of: 

A. the critical path method. 

B. crashing. 

C. fast-tracking. 

D. rolling wave planning. 

Answer: C 

Q116. A project manager is managing the delivery of a project awarded under a fixed-cost contract. The project cost was poorly planned and underestimated, but the projects overall scope and deadline cannot change. Failure to deliver the project is not an option. Which of the following will MOST likely be affected by these circumstances? 

A. Earned Value (EV) 

B. Quality 

C. Change management 

D. Resource leveling 

Answer: B 

JK0-017  free practice exam

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Q117. An experienced team member comes to the project manager to report that they are uncertain of the project requirements. This can MOST likely be attributed to: 

A. a poorly decomposed WBS. 

B. inadequate schedule analysis. 

C. inadequate resource management. 

D. improper risk planning. 

Answer: A 

Q118. Given the following information: Pessimistic estimate is 30 days Most Likely estimate is 15 days Optimistic estimate is 10 days Which of the following is the expected duration for this scheduled activity? 

A. 11 days 

B. 17 days 

C. 25 days 

D. 29 days 

Answer: B 

Q119. In which of the following organization types would a project manager have the LEAST amount of project authority? 

A. Functional 

B. Strong Matrix 

C. Balanced Matrix 

D. Weak Matrix 

Answer: A 

Q120. A stakeholder wants information on how frequently the project manager will provide a status report. Which of the following documents would be the BEST place to find this information? 

A. Stakeholder analysis report 

B. Quality plan 

C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 

D. Communication plan 

Answer: D 

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