[May 2021] what is jk0-017

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2021 May JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q211. Which of the following tools would be used to determine the relationship between two changed variables? 

A. Scatter diagram 

B. Qualitative risk analysis 

C. Ishikawa diagram 

D. Monte Carlo analysis 

Answer: A 

Q212. Which of the following are reasons why formal project closure is important? (Select Three). 

A. Release staff from the project 

B. Reassign staff to another project 

C. Releases leftover funding from the project 

D. Provides historical information 

E. Allows for final changes to the work breakdown structure (WBS) F. Confirms completed/non-completed objectives 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q213. Which of the following represents the EAC of an ongoing project with an AC of $100,000, a CV of $10,000 and an ETC of $50,000? 

A. $90,000 

B. $140,000 

C. $150,000 

D. $160,000 

E. The project is taking longer than the estimated schedule. 

F. The project is costing less than the estimated budget. 

G. The project is taking less time than the estimated schedule. 

H. The project is costing more than the estimated budget. 

Answer: C 

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Down to date comptia jk0-017:

Q214. A project manager wants to have complete control of the project team members. Which of the following organization structures would allow for this? 

A. Functional 

B. Balanced matrix 

C. Strong matrix 

D. Projectized 

Answer: D 

Q215. Which of the following is MOST likely to be included in a communication plan? 

A. Change request 

B. Risk register 

C. Frequency 

D. Statement of Work (SOW) 

Answer: C 

Q216. A customer is reporting that the projects deliverables are not meeting the acceptance criteria. Which of the following documents MOST likely needs to be updated? 

A. Deliverable summary 

B. Quality checklist 

C. Risk register 

D. Resource assignment matrix 

Answer: B 

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Refined comptia jk0-017:

Q217. During the execution phase of a project, a change request has been approved to add activities to 

the critical path without altering the schedule. Which of the following techniques will the project manager MOST likely use to deliver the project on time? 

A. Bottom-up estimating 

B. Rolling wave planning 

C. Resource leveling 

D. Fast tracking 

Answer: D 

Q218. A project manager is in a projectized organization managing a particular project. A department manager has repeatedly requested a change to the scope of the project which was previously denied. The project is currently behind schedule. Which of the following would be the BEST way to deal with the managers repeated request? 

A. Request the manager fill out a formal request for the change and file it with the project management office. 

B. Have a team member meet with the manager so the project can stay on schedule. 

C. Ask the project sponsor to respond to the department manager. 

D. Implement the change as requested by the manager and inform the project sponsor. 

Answer: C 

Q219. Which of the following would be the BEST tool to estimate activity time durations? 

A. Gantt chart 


C. Estimating model 


Answer: D 

Q220. A project manager is responsible for meeting with the companys project review board to periodically evaluate the progress on a project. Which of the following is the role of the board? 

A. To supply audit trail oversight 

B. To ensure local standards compliance 

C. To provide decision oversight 

D. To communicate to stakeholders 

Answer: C 

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