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Exam Code: VCP5-DCV (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) Exam
Certification Provider: VMware
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2021 May VCP5-DCV Study Guide Questions:

Q21. What is true about transparent memory page sharing? 

A. It will not share more than 65% of a VMs memory. 

B. It must be enabled on each host 

C. It is enabled by default 

D. It cannot be disabled. 

Answer: C 

Q22. An administrator creates a new Role of "Virtual Machine Creator" for members of the helpdesk and server teams. Privileges include. 

Datastore - Allocate space 

Network - Assign network 

Resource - Assign virtual machine to resource pool 

Virtual machine > Configuration - all 

Virtual machine > Interaction - all 

The new role is granted to the teams at the appropriate VMs and Templates folder, Cluster and Datastore objects. After applying the role, users report they are unable to create new Virtual Machines. What should be changed to allow new virtual machines to be created? 

A. Add a privilege to the role Virtual machine > Inventory - Create new 

B. Grant the teams the role at the Datacenter level 

C. Ensure Propagate to Child Objects is selected on the objects. 

D. Grant the teams the role on the Production network object. 

Answer: A 

Q23. When you are configuring the NIC teaming policy for a vSwitch, what happens when the Failback option is set to Yes? 

A. A failed uplink will be left inactive upon recovery until another uplink fails. 

B. The vswitch is notified when a failover event occurs. 

C. The physical switches are notified when a failback event occurs. 

D. A failed uplink is returned to active duty immediately upon recovery. 

Answer: C 

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Q24. An administrator is setting up vMotion in a vSphere environment. A migration is run to test the configuration, but fails. 

On which vSphere component does vMotion need to be enabled? 

A. vCenter Server 

B. Virtual Machine port group 

C. VMkernel port group 

D. vNetwork Standard Switch 

Answer: C 

Q25. Which two conditions will cause a vMotion validation check to fail? (Choose two.) 

A. An active connection that matches an existing port group label on the target host 

B. Insufficient network bandwidth on the target virtual switch 

C. Different security policies on the target virtual switch 

D. An active connection to an internal virtual switch 

Answer: AB 

Q26. A request has been made to the SAN administrator to provision a new LUN. A LUN (LUN 6) is created, and the SAN administrator presents the LUN to an ESXi 5.x host, using the storage array SAN management software. The administrator looks at the Storage configuration for the ESXi host, and does not see the new LUN. Other LUNs from the same storage array are visible. 

Which two conditions are most likely to cause the error described? (Choose two.) 

A. The administrator has not performed a Rescan All on the ESXi host. 

B. The multipathing policy has been set to Fixed for the LUN. 

C. Zoning on the Fibre Channel switches is not configured correctly. 

D. The LUN was not presented to the correct ESXi host. 

Answer: AD 

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Q27. An administrator would like to set up Host Profiles in a vSphere architecture. Using the vSphere Client, the administrator connects to vCenter Server and navigates to Management, then begins to build a new Host Profile but is unable to save the profile. 

Why is the administrator unable to save the completed profile? 

A. The administrator does not have the proper vSphere edition so this feature is not licensed 

B. The Host Profiles service is stopped and must be restarted to access this option 

C. No ESXi hosts have been added to vCenter Server, and this option will not be available until at least one host is managed 

D. No DRS/HA Cluster has been defined, and Host Profiles must be applied to a cluster. 

Answer: C 

Q28. Which options would reduce the load on the VMkernel when connecting to an iSCSI array? (Choose two.) 

A. Use an independent hardware iSCSI adapter 

B. Use a Converged Network Adapter 

C. Enable the software iSCSI adapter 

D. Use a dependent hardware iSCSI adapter 

Answer: AD 

Q29. What are three true statements about an integrity check in vCenter Data Recovery? (Choose three.) 

A. The operation is prevented from overlaping with the backup operations. 

B. The operation is scheduled separately from the backup schedule. 

C. An incremental operation can be manually started. 

D. The operation automatically pauses when the end of the maintenance widow is reached 

E. By default the operation does not run during normal business hours. 

Answer: BDE 

Q30. An administrator is responsible for enabling file access for desktop users. Many users have complained that they cannot access their files. An alert in the vSphere Client states that the storage connectivity alarm for all hosts has been triggered. The storage screen indicates that everything is connected, but the triggered alert has not been acknowledged. 

Which action will correct the user access problem? 

A. Rescan the storage on the file-sharing virtual machine on which the users are seeing the problem. 

B. Reconnect the storage containing the user files to all hosts in the cluster, then Refresh datastores on all hosts in the cluster. 

C. Tell each user to reboot their computer. 

D. Reconnect the storage containing the user files to all hosts in the cluster, then Rescan datastores on all hosts in the cluster. 

Answer: D 

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