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Exam Code: VCP5-DCV (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) Exam
Certification Provider: VMware
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2021 Jun VCP5-DCV Study Guide Questions:

Q1. To prevent non-ESXi hosts from seeing VMFS datastores, which would be the most efficient place to configure LUN masking? 

A. On the ESXi host 

B. On the SAN Storage Device 

C. On the non-ESXi hosts 

D. On the Fibre Channel Switch 

Answer: B 

Q2. Which two vCenter plug-ins are installed with a default vSphere Client installation? (Choose two.) 

A. vCenter Hardware Status 

B. VMware ESXi Service Status 

C. VMware vSphere Update Manager 

D. VMware vCenter Storage Monitoring Service 

Answer: AD 

Q3. An administrator is creating a vSphere Standard Switch with virtual machine and VMkernel networking. The administrator has two uplinks attached to the switch and wants to make sure multiple sessions for a virtual machine can utilize both uplinks. 

Which load-balancing policy will guarantee this requirement is met, even if additional management or virtual machine traffic is added to the switch in the future? 

A. Route based on IP hash 

B. Route based on source MAC hash 

C. Route based on the originating port ID 

D. Use explicit failover. 

Answer: A 

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Q4. If you create a custom role and do not assign privileges what system-defined privileges are added? (Choose two.) 

A. System.Anonymous 

B. System.Read 

C. System.Write 

D. System.Administrator 

Answer: AB 

Q5. What are two reasons why a company would choose to use ESXi 5.x instead of using VMware Workstation 8? (Choose two.) 

A. The company needs to be able to assign existing physical disks to virtual machines. 

B. The company needs remote management of virtual machines 

C. The company needs support for virtual machines with up to sixteen vCPUs 

D. The company wants the lowest overhead possible for the virtual infrastructure. 

Answer: CD 

Q6. The performance graph for a virtual machine with 1GB of RAM shows the Swap In rate to be 150 MBps and the Balloon value to be at 0 MB. Users of the virtual machine are complaining that performance is slow. 

Which two actions could increase performance of the virtual machine? (Choose two.) 

A. Install the VMMEMCTL driver on the ESXi host. 

B. Increase the memory share value for this virtual machine. 

C. Install VMware Tools into this virtual machine. 

D. Disable swapping in the virtual machine operating system. 

Answer: BC 

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Q7. Networking policies for a vSphere Standard Switch, such as traffic shaping and security, can be overridden on which vSphere elements? 

A. On the virtual machine 

B. On the physical switch 

C. On the physical network interface 

D. On the port group 

Answer: D 

Q8. When would an administrator configure the Explicit Failover option for a portgroup created on a virtual switch with multiple uplinks? 

A. To manually configure load balancing for the portgroup 

B. To share uplinks between vSwitches 

C. When configuring iSCSI Software Initiator multipathing 

D. If the physical switch does not support etherchannel or 802.3ad 

Answer: C 

Q9. ACME Tools has a vSphere 5.x deployment with an older iSCSI storage array. The administrator is considering adding an additional array, which will include support for the vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). 

Which two tasks would be completed in a reduced period of time if the new array was added? (Choose two.) 

A. creating VMFS datastores on the new array 

B. creating fault tolerant virtual machines on the new array 

C. migrating virtual machines using Storage vMotion between the arrays 

D. writes to thin provisioned virtual disks on the new array 

Answer: BD 

Q10. Which VMware solution allows for the automated discovery and mapping of applications running over the VM infrastructure? 

A. VMware vCloud Director 

B. VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 

C. VMware Service Manager 

D. VMware vSphere 5 

Answer: B 

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