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2021 Sep 101 braindumps

Q111. When network fail-over is enabled, which of the following is true? 

A. The fail-over cable status is ignored. Fail-over is determined by the network status only. 

B. Either a network failure or loss of voltage across the fail-over cable will cause a fail-over. 

C. A network failure will not cause a fail-over as long as there is a voltage across the fail-over cable. 

D. The presence or absence of voltage over the fail-over cable takes precedence over network fail-over. 

Answer: C 

Q112. If a client's browser does not accept cookies, what occurs when the client connects to a virtual server usingcookie persistence? 

A. The connection request is not processed. 

B. The connection request is sent to a server. 

C. The connection request is load-balanced to an available pool member. 

D. The connection request is refused and the client is sent a "server not available" message. 

Answer: C 

Q113. Assuming other fail-over settings are at their default state, what would occur if the fail-over cable were to bedisconnected for five seconds and then reconnected? 

A. As long as network communication is not lost, no change will occur. 

B. Nothing. Fail-over due to loss of voltage will not occur if the voltage is lost for less than ten seconds. 

C. When the cable is disconnected, both systems will become active. When the voltage is restored, unit twowill revert to standby mode. 

D. When the cable is disconnected, both systems will become active. When the voltage is restored, bothsystems will maintain active mode. 

Answer: C 

Q114. Which of the following is not a feature of a standalone BIG-IP ASM System? 

A. Attack signatures 

B. Multiple pool members 

C. Positive security model 

D. Real-time traffic policy builder 

E. Pre-defined security policy templates 

Answer: B 

Q115. The ICMP monitor has been assigned to all nodes. In addition, all pools have been assigned custom monitors.The pool is marked available In addition, all pools have been assigned custom monitors. If a pool is markedavailable (green) which situation is sufficient to cause this? 

A. All of the pool member nodes are responding to the ICMP monitor as expected. 

B. Less than 50% of the pool member nodes responded to the ICMP echo request. 

C. All of the members of the pool have had their content updated recently and their responses no longer matchthe monitor. 

D. Over 25% of the pool members have had their content updated and it no longer matches the receive rule ofthe custom monitor. The others respond as expected. 

Answer: D 

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Q116. Sensitive parameter is a feature used to hide sensitive information from being displayed inwhich of the following? 

A. Client request 

B. Server response 

C. GUI and logs of BIG-IP ASM System 

D. Configuration file of BIG-IP ASM System 

Answer: C 

Q117. If the config tool is complete, which two access methods are available by default for GTMadministration and configuration? (Choose two.) 

A. network access via http 

B. network access via https 

C. network access via telnet 

D. direct access via serial port 

Answer: B,D 

Q118. A site has assigned the ICMP monitor to all nodes and a custom monitor, based on the HTTP template, to apool of web servers. The HTTP-based monitor is working in all cases. The ICMP monitor is failing for 2 of thepool members nodes. All other settings are default. What is the status of the pool members? 

A. All pool members are up since the HTTP-based monitor is successful. 

B. All pool members are down since the ICMP-based monitor is failing in some cases. 

C. The pool members whose nodes are failing the ICMP-based monitor will be marked disabled. 

D. The pool members whose nodes are failing the ICMP-based monitor will be marked unavailable. 

Answer: D 

Q119. Assume a client's traffic is being processed only by a NAT; no SNAT or virtual server processing takes place. 

Also assume that the NAT definition specifies a NAT address and an origin address while all other settings areleft at their defaults. If the origin server were to initiate traffic via the BIG-IP, what changes, if any, would takeplace when the BIG-IP processes such packets? 

A. The BIG-IP would drop the request since the traffic didnt arrive destined to the NAT address. 

B. The source address would not change, but the destination address would be changed to the NAT address. 

C. The source address would be changed to the NAT address and destination address would be leftunchanged. 

D. The source address would not change, but the destination address would be changed to a self- IP of theBIG-IP. 

Answer: C 

Q120. The partial configuration below includes an iRule, a virtual server, and pools. When trafficfrom the client at connects to the virtual server Test_VS and sends anHTTP request, what will the client's source address be translated to as the traffic is sent tothe chosen pool member? 

pool Test_Pool { member member } snatpool lower_range 

{ member } snatpool upper_range { member } 

rule Test_iRule { when CLIENT_ACCEPTED.{ if { [TCP::local_port] < 2024 }{ snatpool 

lower_range } else { snatpool upper_range } 

virtual Test_VS { destination :http pool Test_Pool rule Test_i Rule } 


B. It could be either or 




Answer: E 

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