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2021 Sep HP0-S42 exam answers

Q41. Which HP Insight Control integration modules are available? (Select two) 

A. HP Insight Control for Red Hat and SUSE Linux 

B. HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center 

C. HP Insight Control for VMware Xen manager 

D. HP Insight Control for HP-UX 

Answer: B,C 

Reference: (Overview, second paragraph) 

Q42. You are performing a needs analysis for a customer who plans to transition from rack mount servers to blade servers. The customer has asked for an on-premise management strategy and needs to use Virtual Connect as the network interconnect to take advantage of network virtualization. The customer needs a RESTful API to be made available. Which product should you demonstrate to support and manage the proposed HP BladeSystem solution? 

A. HP OneView 

B. HP Systems Insight Manager 

C. HP Virtual Connect Manager 

D. HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 

Answer: A 

Q43. You have positioned a BladeSystem c7000 solution with Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules. The customer needs to understand how the Flex-10/10D modules will provide an FCoE path to their SAN. Which HP technology should you explain to the customer? 

A. RDMA over Converged Ethernet 

B. FIP snooping 

C. Intelligent Resilient Framework 

D. FlexibleLOMs 

Answer: C 

Q44. When designing a new HP OneView installation for a customer, how many logical interconnect groups must be configured for an enclosure groiup? 

A. 1 

B. 4 

C. 2 

D. 0 

Answer: A 


Q45. From which sources can System Management Homepage receive management data? (Select two.) 






Answer: B,D 

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Q46. What must you do first in order to update the firmware on a server blade that is running VMware ESX or ESXi? 

A. Download the latest deployment tool. 

B. Shut down all primary hosts. 

C. Evacuate the VM guest to an alternate host. 

D. Update the OA with the SmartStart Update Firmware DVD ISO 

Answer: C 

Q47. When performing a customer SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, which “Opportunity” does the capacity Advisor functionality of an HP Matrix Operating Environment Solution being to a multi-vendor server data center? 

A. Provides storage provisioning management in the environment 

B. Consolidates the CPU utilization data in the environment 

C. Improves power capping across the environment 

D. Enables storage capacity management and report generation 

Answer: D 

Q48. You have presented an HP ProLiant Gen9 server solution to a new Customer. They are interested in your proposal but are concerned about its manageability. They want to monitor server health without installing additional software due to security and performance reasons. Which information will Agentless Management provides? (Select two) 

A. Performance counters 

B. Firmware inventory 

C. SMART drive monitoring 

D. Cluster status 

E. FC storage 

Answer: A,C 

Q49. Which HP OneView plugins are available for virtualization management solutions? (Select two.) 

A. Microsoft Hyper-V Manager 

B. vSphere Web Client 

C. XenCenter Windows Management Console 

D. Microsoft System Center 

E. HP Integrity Essentials Virtualization Manager 

Answer: B,D 

Q50. A customer needs application acceleration it their hyperscale computing environment, which includes big data analytics and high performance databases. Which memory types meets the customer’s needs? 





Answer: C 

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