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2021 Sep HP0-S42 book

Q81. For HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures, which components are required to make full use of 

Dynamic Power Capping (that can be purchased together as part of HP Insight Control suite)? 

(Select four) 

A. Insight Power Manager 

B. HP Power Assistant 

C. N+N Redundant AC power configuration 

D. iLO Select license 

E. Redundant Onboard Administrator (OA) 

F. Power Cap Manager 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q82. A customer has recently acquired company with a large install base of HP BladeSystem servers with Virtual Connect managed by HP OneView. Which solution should you recommend to the customer to enable them to easily record their new assets in their configuration management database (CMDB)? 

A. Use iLO Federation groups and select the multi-system view to gather the hardware types and serial numbers of each server in the group for import into the CMDB. 

B. Backup the HP OneView appliance database and use the bulk copy capability of CMDB to insert the records. 

C. Use the REST API to retrieve a list of servers resources and their properties from the HP OneView appliance for import into the CMDB. 

D. Use VCEM to create a customized report to find all blade servers and use the results for import into the CMDB. 

Answer: C 



Q83. A customer is asking you to evaluate virtualization and consolidation of their current infrastructure. You know they are running different operating systems’ versions. How can you validate that the operating systems currently in use are supported on Gen9 server? 

A. HP ProLiant Web 

B. HP Enterprise Configurator 

C. HP Systems Selling Guide 

D. HP Operating Systems and Virtualization Server Metrics 

Answer: B 

Q84. Your customer is using a medical application on several PA-RISC Systems running HP-UX 11.00, and to lower the maintenance costs, they plan a hardware refresh using HP Itanium i2Server Blades. 

Which HP Solution allows a seamless transaction of the operating system and application 

to the new hardware without updating it to the current release? 

A. HP Server migration Pack and PA-RISC Plugin 

B. HP SmallStorage and advanced Data Mirroring 

C. HP Insight Dynamics and integrity PRM Pack 

D. HP Secure Resource Partition and Integrity VM 

Answer: A 

Q85. When an HP ProLiant BL460c Generation 8 server is configured with a FlexNIC, the PCI-e devices’ port speeds can be set using increments of which size? 

A. 1 GB 

B. 10 GB 

C. 100 MB 

D. 10 MB 

Answer: C 

Reference: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13127_div/13127_div.html (At A Glance, 4th bulleted point) 

HP0-S42 exam answers

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Q86. A customer needs to manage their contract, warranty, and HP Care Pack information for their server and storage infrastructure from a single location. In addition, they need proactive expiration notifications for these contracts. Which HP software or tool should you recommend? 

A. HP Insight Online 

B. HP System Management Homepage 

C. HP Helion Community Edition 


Answer: A 

Q87. Which data can Insight Control deliver to Microsoft System Center? 

A. Linux performance monitoring 

B. Microsoft Service Pack status 

C. Detailed HP inventory 

D. HP Version Control 

Answer: C 

Reference: http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/integration-msc.html (second paragraph) 

Q88. Which commands are used in HP-UX determine operating system versions and patch levels? (Select two) 

A. sysconfig 

B. uname 

C. fcsmutil 

D. swlist 

E. ioscan 

Answer: B,D 

Reference: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/wbihelp/v6rxmx/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.wics_install ation.doc%2Fdoc%2Finstallation_unix%2Finstallation_unix25.htm (see the heading: Validating the operating system and patch level in HP-UX) 

Q89. Which HP BladeSystem interconnect technology provides lowest latency in a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution? 

A. FlexFabric 

B. InfiniBand 

C. Fibre Distributed Data Interface 

D. Fibre Channel 

Answer: B 

Reference: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/blades/components/infiniband/ 

Q90. A customer consolidated several departmental computer rooms to one newly designed data center using HP 10000 G2 series racks. 

There is a mix of Blade c7000 enclosures, ProLiant Gen9 servers, storage arrays, and back-up devices Each of the departments needs to be charged for the power usage of their racks. What needs to be advised to this customer? 

A. install two iPDUs in each rack and use the web interface of the iPDU to record the power usage per iPDU per month. 

B. install two HP modular PDUs per rack and use HP Insight Control to report the power consumption 

C. use HP modular PDU to monitor the power usage per rack 

D. use the iLO to read out the power use of each ProLiant server and Blade server 

E. install two iPDUs in each rack and use HP Insight Control to report the power consumption 

Answer: E 

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