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2021 Sep HP0-S42 exam topics

Q91. SPP 2011.09.0 is running on a ProLiant server. On which day will the HP Services Pack support plan end for this version? 

A. Last day of March 2012 

B. Last day of September 2012 

C. Last day of March 2014 

D. Last day of September 2014 

Answer: B 

Reference: (page 1, third paragraph, last sentence) 

Q92. Which product replaced HP SmartStart? 

A. HP Service Pack for ProLiant 

B. HP Insight Foundation 

C. HP ProLiant Support Pack 

D. HP Intelligent Provisioning 

Answer: D 


Q93. A DL380 Gen9 server occupied with two SSD drives in mirror mode reports I/O errors of local disks. How can you increase data redundancy for local storage? 

A. Perform backup and restore for data consistency. 

B. Add an additional SSD drive and use Advanced Data Mirroring. 

C. Migrate from hardware RAID 1 to software RAID 1+0. 

D. Switch Smart Array into battery backed write cache (BBWC) mode. 

Answer: B 

HP0-S42 exam answers

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Q94. A customer requires a platform to host highly processor-intensive application on a Linux cluster. Which solution meets these requirements? 

A. HP ProLiant Gen9 servers and HP HPC Linux Value Pack 

B. HP Cluster Platform and HP HPC Linux Value Pack 

C. HP Cluster Platform and HP Deployment Pack for Linux 

D. HP ProLiant Gen9 and HP Deployment Pack for Linux 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: HP HPC Linux Value Pack V4.1 (HPC-LVP) is a specially-priced software bundle that is specifically designed for the development, use, and management of high performance applications running on HP servers and workstations. HPC-LVP includes Platform LSF, software, which delivers a robust set of workload management capabilities for distributed computing environments. HPCLVP also includes a web-based interface, workload monitoring and reporting, a simplified application integration process, and the HP MPI parallelization library. 

Q95. You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem and HP StoreVirtual storage solution for a customer, and you need to estimate the power requirements. Which IP tool should you use? 

A. Power Discovery Services 

B. Power Calculator Utility 

C. Insight Management Sizer 

D. HP Power Advisor 

Answer: C 

Q96. You are planning an HP BladeSystem solution on a c7000 enclosure. In addition to the connectivity requirements shown in the picture. The customer wants to be able to configure additional network connections with a speed of 2x10 GB LACP for each A5820 switch. 

Which incorrect module configuration can satisfy the customer’s future expansion plans? 

A. Procurve 5120G/XG modules in increment bays 1, 2, 5 and 6 Brocade 8 GB SAN switches in bays 3 and 4 

B. Virtual Connect Flex 10 modules in increment bays 1 and 2 and virtual connect 8 GB Fibre Channel modules in bays 3 and 4 

C. Procurve 5120G/XG modules in increment bays 1 and 2 and Brocades 8 GB SAN switches in bays 3 and 4 

D. Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules in increment bays 1, 2, 3, and 4 

Answer: C 

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