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2021 Oct HP0-S42 practice exam

Q31. After booting Gen9 server into intelligent Provisioning and selecting Perform maintenance, Why is Firmware Update icon lighter than the other one the screenshot shown? 

A. There are no initial networking parameters 

B. The system has not completed a full POST process 

C. The user has insufficient permissions 

D. Firmware has just been updated 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Normally the icons gray out when there are insufficient permissions to access it. In this case, the icon is not grayed which means that the firmware has just been updated and there are not more firmware updates to download. 

Q32. You are using the System Management Homepage to view the overall health status of a server. What does the orange warning symbol indicate? 

A. One subsystem components is likely to fail soon 

B. One or more subsystem components have minor errors 

C. One subsystem component has suffered a critical failure 

D. One or more subsystem components have major errors 

Answer: C 

Q33. After sizing a rack with several ProLiant DL380p Gen9 servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 to use a redundant UPS Solution, a customer orders two HP UPS R7000s. What needs to be done to get this UPS configuration working as a redundant UPS solution and gracefully shutdown Windows Server 2008 R2 when a power failure occurs at the input feed of both R7000 UPSs? 

A. Configure the HP UPS Network Module for each R7000 UPS and HP Power Proactive software 

B. Configure the HP UPS Management Card for each R7000 UPS and HP power proactive software 

C. Configure the HP UPS Management Card for each R7000 UPS and HP Power manager software 

D. Configure the HP UPS Network Module for each R7000 UPS and HP Power manager software 

Answer: D 

Reference: (page 4, see HP power manager and HP UPS Network Module) 

Q34. Which hypervisors are supported by HP CloudSystem Matrix 7.0? (Select three) 

A. Red Hat KVM 

B. VMware vSphere 

C. Oracle VM 

D. Citrix Xen 

E. Microsoft Hyper-V 

F. Integrity Virtual Machine 

Answer: B,E,F 

Reference: f (see page 8, supported HP servers) 

Q35. A customer needs a solution that allows system administrators to establish FC and iSCSl connections to storage appliances using one embedded Converged Network Adapter. Which interconnect solution should you propose? 

A. HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10 Gb Ethernet Module 

B. Brocade 8 Gb SAN Switch 

C. Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120X for HP 

D. HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10 Gb/24-Port 

Answer: D 

Reference: (page 4) 

HP0-S42 practice

Avant-garde HP0-S42 exam topics:

Q36. Which protocol is supported by FlexFabric 556 and 650 series adapters that enables customers to decrease network latency with minimal impact to server performance? 

A. RoCE 




Answer: C 



Q37. A customer needs to improve VM host efficiency and lower network latency in their HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers. Which unique technology built-in to the HP FlexFabric 556 network adapter will meet the customer’s requirement? 

A. 10 Gb Ethernet support 

B. TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) 

C. RDMA over Converged Ethernet (ROCE) 

D. IPv6 protocol support 

Answer: C 

Q38. A customer needs to manage the relationship between their physical and virtual infrastructure. Which HP feature should you recommend to integrate with customer’s current vSphere Web Client managed environment? 

A. HP Insight Control 

B. HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 

C. HP Virtual Machine Manager 

D. HP OneView for vCenter 

Answer: B 

Q39. HP procedures relevance configuration for orchestration template that assist in sizing and designing infrastructure solution to host application based on tested best practices. What are those called? 

A. HP OO Designer staging templates 

B. HP IO Designer staging templates 

C. HP CloudSystem Reference Links 

D. HP Cloud Maps 

Answer: A 


Q40. Which column in the exhibit indicates the status of firmware inventory of the managed systems? 

A. PF 

B. ES 

C. SW 

D. HS 

Answer: C 

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