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2021 Jul n10-005 free study guide:

Q191. Ann, a home user, wishes to confine a wireless network to devices ONLY inside of her house. Which of the following will accomplish this? 

A. Decreasing radio strength 

B. MAC filtering 

C. WEP encryption 

D. SSID broadcast disable 

Answer: A 

Q192. A network technician is concerned that an attacker is attempting to penetrate the network, and wants to set a rule on the firewall to prevent the attacker from learning which IP addresses are valid on the network. Which of the following protocols needs to be denied? 





Answer: C 

Q193. A user informs the network administrator of increasingly common wireless connection problems. The administrator determines the user has recently received a new cordless phone. The phone is MOST likely causing which of the following conditions? 

A. Signal strength latency 

B. Bouncing signal 

C. Interference 

D. Crosstalk 

Answer: C 

Q194. A large company has experienced Internet slowdowns as users have increased their use of the Internet. Which of the following can the Network Administrator use to determine the amount of bandwidth used by type of application? 

A. Network maps 

B. Traffic analysis 

C. Syslog 


Answer: B 

Q195. A CAT5e network cable run needs to be installed over fluorescent lighting arrays in an office building. Which of the following cable types would be BEST suited for such an installation? 


B. Plenum 

C. Coaxial 


Answer: D 

N10-005 study guide

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Q196. Which of the following is the reason why a company’s network may contain a DHCP server? 

A. To assign IP addresses to devices on the network 

B. To convert IP addresses to fully qualified domain names 

C. To provide POP3 and IMAP email functionality 

D. To allow secure remote access 

Answer: A 

Q197. Which of the following commands can a network technician use to check whether the DNS server for a given domain is reachable? 

A. nmap 

B. nbtstat 

C. dig 

D. arp 

Answer: C 

Q198. Standards such as JPEG and ASCII operate at which of the following OSI model layers? 

A. Presentation 

B. Data link 

C. Session 

D. Application 

Answer: A 

Q199. Which of the following configurations of a wireless network would be considered MOST secure? 

A. WEP using MAC Filtering 

B. WEP and hiding the SSID 

C. WPA2 

D. WPA TKIP and hiding the SSID 

Answer: C 

Q200. A NAS appliance has had a failed NIC replaced. Now the NAS appliance is no longer visible on the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? 

A. The network cable connecting the NAS to the network switch is bad. 

B. The network port that the appliance is connected to is assigned to the wrong VLAN. 

C. Port security on the Ethernet switch has disabled the port. 

D. Firewall needs to be updated for the new NAS device. 

Answer: C 

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