10 tips on free network+ n10-005 practice exam

Is definitely CompTIA N10-005 best for you? The answer is this will depend. This will depend for the spot where you desire to go in your employment. In order to end up in your network field, apply for CISCO and also Workers comp TA Multilevel accreditations. In order to grow to be a guru in the selected space, youll be able to pick the right qualifications from your number. Corporations include started off trying to get CompTIA qualified Supervisors so that you can add managerial jobs. Corporations include started off paying increased pay regarding CompTIA qualified Supervisors. To ensure the solution to match your needs, this process comes from your employment choice.

2021 Oct n10-005 comptia network+ pdf:

Q241. Which of the following protocols works at the LOWEST layer of the OSI model? 

A. L2TP 



D. IPSec 


Q242. Which of the following defines a rack located in an office building between the main rack and other office equipment? 






Q243. A technician is reviewing the following company diagram to determine proper connectivity settings: 

Which of the following device configurations is out of specifications? 

A. LaptopC 

B. ServerE 

C. LaptopB 

D. ServerA 

E. PC1 


Q244. A network administrator is tasked with deploying a company-wide wireless system which allows for accurate tracking of employees’ wireless device locations via WAP triangulation. Which of the following is the MOST important aspect of the deployment? 

A. WAP placement 

B. TX/RX channel 

C. Signal strength 

D. Transmission power 


Q245. Which of the following cable types supports the FURTHEST distance when connecting various MDFs? 

A. Multimode 


C. Singlemode 

D. CAT6 


Rebirth comptia n10-005 exam:

Q246. A network technician is setting up a wireless access point that would only allow a certain laptop to be able to access the WAP. By using ACL, which of the following would be filtered to ensure only the authorized laptop can access the WAP? 

A. NetBIOS name filtering 

B. IP address filtering 

C. MAC address filtering 

D. Computer name filtering 


Q247. A technician decides to upgrade a router before leaving for vacation. While away, users begin to report slow performance. Which of the following practices allows other technicians to quickly return the network to normal speeds? 

A. Change management 

B. Baselines 

C. Asset management 

D. Cable management 


Q248. Which of the following wireless standards is the only one capable of operating in either of the 802.11 wireless spectrums? 

A. A 

B. B 

C. G 

D. N 


Q249. Which of the following can be described as a DoS attack? 

A. Disabling a specific system and making it unavailable to users 

B. Implementing a keylogger 

C. Intercepting a packet and decrypting the contents 

D. Communicating with employees to get company information 


Q250. A network technician has determined a managed network switch has failed. The technician knows how to install a new switch, but not how to properly configure it. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician take NEXT? 

A. Escalate the problem 

B. Identify potential effects 

C. Test the theory to determine cause 

D. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem 


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