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2021 Sep n10-005 study guide:

Q201. Which of the following BEST describes a load balancer? 

A. A device that splits traffic between multiple nodes of a clustered service. 

B. A device that allows multiple computers to access the internet through a single public IP address. 

C. A device that filters internet content based on rules and ACLs. 

D. A device that separates users onto separate WAPs for even distribution. 

Answer: A 

Q202. Which of the following cable types is required to run through an air duct? 


B. Fiber 


D. Plenum 

Answer: D 

Q203. A company needs to find a way to best route latency-sensitive traffic appropriately on an already congested network. Which of the following would be BEST suited for this purpose? 

A. QoS 




Answer: A 

Q204. A user reports that they are unable to connect to the network. Upon further investigation, a technician notices that the user has an IP address/subnet mask combination of The default gateway for the network is Which of the following could the user’s IP address be changed to so that they could connect to the network? 





Answer: C 

Q205. Assigning the same IP address to a network device is which of the following? 


B. Scope 

C. Reservation 

D. Lease 

Answer: C 

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Up to the minute n10-005 exam questions:

Q206. While preparing to replace an old CAT3 cable with a CAT6 cable to implement VoIP, a facilities employee mistakenly disconnects the entire patch panel, including valid wiring to live workstations. Which of the following should an administrator use in order to connect those ports FIRST? 

A. Toner 

B. Multimeter 

C. Reflectometer 

D. Cable tester 

Answer: A 

Q207. A customer has requested a solution using multiple WAPs for wireless access. Which of the following should be different on each WAP to prevent wireless problems? 

A. Firewalls 


C. Channels 

D. Antenna types 

Answer: C 

Q208. Ann, a technician, installs a wireless router in a network closet in a large office. She then configures all workstations in various offices on that floor to use the wireless connection. Maximum connection speed at each workstation is 54 Mbps. Some users complain that their network connection is very slow. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem? 

A. Workstations were configured with the wrong connection speed on the wireless adapter. 

B. Users with a slow connection are too far away from the wireless router. 

C. Users that cannot connect are configured on the wrong channel. 

D. Wireless network SSID is incorrect. 

Answer: B 

Q209. Which of the following network devices builds a table of ports to MAC addresses to forward packets only to necessary ports? 

A. Switch 

B. Hub 

C. Router 

D. Repeater 

Answer: A 

Q210. Which of the following WAN technologies uses an analog phone line to transmit data? 



C. Satellite 

D. Cable 

Answer: B 

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