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2021 Jul network plus practice exam n10-005:

Q211. Which of the following defines an IP address that is NOT routed on the Internet? 

A. Multicast 

B. Public 

C. Private 

D. Classful 

Answer: C

Q212. Which of the following technologies can cause interference for 802.11g? 


B. 802.11a 

C. IrDA 

D. Bluetooth 

Answer: D 

Q213. 802.11n can operate at which of the following frequencies? (Select TWO). 

A. 2.4Mhz 

B. 2.5Mhz 

C. 5Mhz 

D. 2.4Ghz 

E. 2.5Ghz 

F. 5Ghz 

Answer: DF 

Q214. At which of the following layers do IP addresses exist? 

A. TCP/IP model Internet layer 

B. OSI model Data Link layer 

C. TCP/IP model Transport layer 

D. OSI model Physical layer 

Answer: A 

Q215. Which of the following should be used when throughput to the destination network is a priority? 


B. Hop count 

C. Reliability of the path 

D. Bandwidth 

Answer: D 

N10-005 exam answers

Improve n10-005 practice questions:

Q216. A company has multiple WAPs within close proximity to each other to allow users to move about seamlessly through the building with their laptops, without losing any connection. However, this has had the opposite effect, causing any user that is close to two of the access points to constantly reconnect to the wireless network. Which of the following should be changed on all the WAPs to allow this to work as the customer intended? 

A. Change the SSID to be unique for each WAP. 

B. Change the antenna direction to be unique for each WAP. 

C. Change the encryption method to be unique for each WAP. 

D. Change the channel to be unique for each WAP. 

Answer: D 

Q217. A technician installs a wireless router on an existing network by connecting it directly to the firewall. By default, the main network is a Class A network, while the wireless network is a Class C network. After the wireless router is installed, users connected to the wireless network report they are unable to connect to the Internet. Which of the following needs to be configured to BEST resolve this issue? 

A. Configure the main network to Class C 

B. Allow for duplicate IP addresses 

C. Allow the main network to handle DHCP 

D. Create a spanning tree to prevent switching loops 

Answer: C 

Q218. Which of the following WAN technologies has the highest latency? 


B. Cable 

C. Satellite 


Answer: C 

Q219. A system administrator is implementing an IDS on the database server to see who is trying to access the server. The administrator relies on the software provider for what to detect. Which of the following would MOST likely be installed? 

A. Behavior based IDS 

B. Network based IDS 

C. Signature based IDS 

D. Honeypot 

Answer: C 

Q220. Which of the following addresses is a class B private address? 





Answer: D 

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