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2021 Jul n10-005 pdf:

Q1. Joe has a small office and is looking to replace his phone system with a lower cost solution that requires minimal in-house support. Which of the following is the BEST choice? 

A. Wide Area Network 


C. Virtual PBX 

D. Virtual LAN 

Answer: C 

Q2. Ann, a new user, is unable to communicate on the network from her computer. A technician has verified that the cables are functioning properly. Based on the information below, which action should the technician take to correct Ann’s problem? 



SM: address 

GW: 100 Duplex Full 

A. Change the duplex on the switch interface to half 

B. Change the speed on the switch interface to 10Mbps 

C. Change the subnet mask of the computer to 

D. Change the IP address of the computer to 

Answer: D 

Q3. A network administrator wants to add the firewall rule to allow SSH traffic to the FTP server with the assigned IP from the Internet. Which of the following is the correct firewall rule? 

A. Allow ANY to port 21 

B. Allow ANY to port 22 

C. Allow ANY to port 80 

D. Allow ANY to ANY port ANY 

Answer: B 

Q4. At which of the following layers of the OSI model does ASCII work? 

A. Session 

B. Transport 

C. Presentation 

D. Application 

Answer: C 

Q5. A company has been given a Class C address to be utilized for all devices. The company has several subnets and the largest subnet has 15 hosts. Which of the following represents the MINIMUM CIDR notation of this subnet mask? 

A. /26 

B. /27 

C. /28 

D. /29 

Answer: B 

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Q6. Which of the following is an example of a Class C address? 





Answer: D 

Q7. A newly hired technician is sent to an alternate site to complete the build out of large scale LAN. Which of the following tools should the technician have on hand to install the bulk CAT6 cable? (Select TWO). 

A. Loopback plug 

B. Multimeter 


D. Crimper 

E. Cable tester 


Answer: DE 

Q8. Which of the following wireless standards can operate on the same frequency but are not compatible? 

A. 802.11a / 802.11b 

B. 802.11a / 802.11n 

C. 802.11b / 802.11g 

D. 802.11g / 802.11n 

Answer: B 

Q9. A technician is developing a shortcut sheet for the network to be able to assist in future troubleshooting scenarios. Which of the following should the network devices have to ease manageability efforts? 

A. MAC spoofing 

B. Dynamic IPs 

C. MAC filtering 

D. Static IPs 

Answer: D 

Q10. Which of the following commands would be used to identify how many hops a data packet makes before reaching its final destination? 

A. route 

B. netstat 

C. traceroute 

D. ping 

Answer: C 

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