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2021 Sep vcp5-dcv study notes:

Q31. Virtual machine VM1 is unable to communicate with virtual machine VM2. Both virtual machines are connected to a portgroup named Production on vSwitch1 on host ESXi01. Which statement could explain why? 

A. The only vmnic connected to vSwitch1 on ESXi01 is set to unused 

B. The only vmnic connected to vSwitch1 on ESXi01 is set to standby 

C. Load balancing settings on Production do not match vSwitch1 

D. VM1 is configured for VGT, VM2 is configured for VST 

Answer: D 

Q32. Which VMware solution uses the security of a vSphere implementation and provides linked-clone technology to virtual desktops? 

A. VMware ACE 

B. VMware View 

C. VMware Workstation 

D. VMware ThinApp 

Answer: B 

Q33. What protocol is used by an ESXi host to communicate with NAS devices? 





Answer: C 

Q34. A vSphere 5.x environment has an ESXi 5.x host configured to boot from a hardware independent iSCSI adapter. 

What is the expected outcome if the administrator attempts to disable the iSCSI HBA in the vSphere client? 

A. The adapter will be disabled, but is re-enabled the next time the host boots up. 

B. The adapter will be disabled and the host will not boot the next time the host boots up. 

C. A hardware independent iSCSI adapter cannot be disabled from the vSphere Client. 

D. The adapter will be enabled, but the host will boot into troubleshooting mode the next time the host boots up. 

Answer: C 

Q35. What is a valid example of a vSphere Update Manager upgrade? 

A. A VMware Tools upgrade on a Fault Tolerant machine with automatic snapshots. 

B. Upgrading and patching multiple ESXi hosts simultaneously in a selected cluster. 

C. Upgrading an ESX 4.1 host to ESXi 5.x with a sufficient boot partition. 

D. An ESXi 5.x host update with automatically deleted snapshots. 

Answer: C 

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Q36. What are two methods of maximizing VMFS performance for virtual machines across all the hosts in a cluster? (Choose two.) 

A. Use disk shares to prioritize virtual machine disk I/O 

B. Enable Storage I/O control 

C. Enable Storage DRS with I/O load balancing 

D. Enable Host Cache using local SSD drives 

Answer: BC 

Q37. An administrator would like to have vCenter take action any time a virtual machine is using over 90% of its available resources for five minutes or longer. 

Which three actions can be taken by vCenter Server in response to the trigger without running a script? (Choose three.) 

A. Power on a VM 

B. Reboot Guest on VM 

C. Increase Virtual Machine Memory 

D. Migrate a VM 

E. Increase Virtual Machine CPU Shares 

Answer: ABD 

Q38. Which statement describes the functionality of traffic shaping on a vSphere Standard Switch? 

A. vSphere Standard Switches support only egress traffic shaping. 

B. vSphere Standard Switches support both ingress and egress traffic shaping. 

C. vSphere Standard Switches support best-effort traffic shaping based on quality of service (QoS). 

D. vSphere Standard Switches support only ingress traffic shaping. 

Answer: A 

Q39. An administrator uses VMware Data Recovery to make backups of virtual machines. Checking on the backup jobs that were run the previous evening, the administrator notices that some jobs completed but that other jobs did not. 

What are two possible causes for the failure? (Choose two.) 

A. The deduplication store had 400GB of available space before the start of the affected jobs. 

B. Eight backup jobs were running simultaneously, causing new jobs to fail to start. 

C. The backup window was not open long enough to retrieve all of the changed blocks. 

D. CPU utilization on the VDR appliance exceeded 90% before one or more jobs executed. 

Answer: BC 

Q40. An administrator must decommission a datastore. 

Before unmounting the datastore, which three requirements must be fullfilled? (Choose three.) 

A. No virtual machines reside on the datastore. 

B. The datastore is not used for vSphere HA heartbeat. 

C. No registered virtual machines reside on the datastore. 

D. The datastore must not have any extents. 

E. The datastore must not be part of a datastore cluster. 

Answer: ABE 

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