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Exam Code: HP0-S42 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Architecting HP Server Solutions
Certification Provider: HP
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2021 Sep HP0-S42 sample question

Q11. An automotive manufacturing company needs an Apollo 8000 solution that is environmentally friendly. Which feature should you recommend to this customer? 

A. Thermal Logic technology to minimize power consumption and reduce cooling 

B. Active cool 200 fans that reduce power and maximize air movement 

C. Water cooled system that reduces C02 emissions relative to an air cooled system 

D. 3D Sea of Sensors to provide visibility and control over energy consumption 

Answer: C 

Q12. A customer needs to maximize the density capability while reducing the cooling requirement of their data center. Which IP solution will meet the customer’s needs and extend the life of their data center? 

A. HP Active Cool Fans 

B. HP Modular Cooling System G2 

C. HP Datacenter Smart Grid 

D. HP Intelligent Power Discovery 

Answer: B 

Q13. A customer has upgraded their network core using an HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack. The customer needs to reduce their network and FC storage cabling as well as increase the resilience of these networks to the servers. The customer needs failure of an upstream switch or uplink to be communicated all the way to the server operating system or hypervisor, and the traffic will be sent through the other NIC in the team. You propose blade servers to meet these requirements. Which product should you demonstrate to the customer? 

A. HP 6125XG Blade Switch in an Active/Passive configuration 

B. HP VC FlexFabric in an Active/Passive configuration 

C. HP 6125 Blade Switch in an Active/Active configuration 

D. HP VC FlexFabric in an Active/Active configuration 

Answer: C 

Q14. What differentiates ProLiant Gen9 power supplies from those in previous generations? 

A. They are 25 percent large by volume. 

B. They are 25 percent smaller by volume. 

C. They use platinum and titanium to run 75 percent more efficiently. 

D. They can provide up to 84 percent more efficiency. 

Answer: B 


Q15. What are benefits of PDUs? (Select two.) 

A. voltage conditioning 

B. flexible 1U/0U rack mounting options 

C. superior cable management 

D. battery backup 

E. AC/DC conversion 

Answer: A,D 

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Up to the minute HP0-S42 practice:

Q16. Which enhanced system ROM feature is found on the HP ProLiant Gen9? 

A. Intelligent Provisioning 

B. Early video progress indicates 

C. Viewable IML logs from RBSU 

D. Automatic configuration tuning 

Answer: B 

Reference: (page 6, HP server ROM) 

Q17. A customer has purchased a DL380 Gen9 with the 4 x 1 GB network option standard. The customer now needs to upgrade to a 2 x 10 GB network solution. 

How is this achieved? 

A. Add a PCI Riser with integrated 2 x 10 GB FlexibleLOM. 

B. Replace the 4 x 1 GB SFPs with 2 x 10 GB SFPs. 

C. Upgrade to PCle 3.0 with 4 x 1 GB SFPs and 2 x 10 GB SFPs. 

D. Replace the 4 x 1 GB FlexibleLOM with a 2 x 10 GB FlexibleLOM. 

Answer: D 

Q18. For HP ProLiant servers, which components are necessary to make full use of Dynamic Power Capping? (Select two) 

A. ILO Advanced license 

B. Power Cap Manager 

C. SNMP based agents 

D. Agentless management Service (AMS) 

E. Redundant Onboard Administrator (OA) 

Answer: A,E 

Reference: (see 4th question, second paragraph, first and second bulleted points) 

Q19. What enables out-of-band management of multiple rack-mount servers from a single web interface? 

A. Onboard Administrator 

B. iLO Federation 

C. Intelligent Provisioning 

D. Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 

Answer: A 


Q20. You are creating an offer for a mixed BladeSystem and rack Mount environment. Which tool can be used to perform a complete power sizing for this solution? 

A. HP Power manager 

B. HP power Advisor 

C. HP BladeSystem power Sizer 

D. HP iPDU Configurator 

Answer: B 

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